Seaside Tours- Part One

My week off with Sebastian last week turned out to be a week of Seaside adventures! I didn't mind one bit. The best parts about going to the seaside are having ice cream, long walks with my love and spying pastel houses.
That is exactly what we did!
The first seaside we visited was Folkestone in Kent. About an hour on the bus from our front door and full of creativity.
Folkestone isn't what it used to be; roller-coasters, arcades and market stalls. But it does have a 'creative quarter' which I found quite exciting. The hilly cobbled street was lined with miniature art galleries, unique gift shops and pastel shop fronts. I was honestly in my element.
Just down from those streets were quaint little tearooms with floral hanging baskets and old metal garden furniture. It was a very pretty area indeed.
We had a little walk along the harbour where we watched eager diggers look for gold (see here), and sat chatting about future seaside adventures.
Deciding we should have an ice cream- seeing as we haven't actually had one all summer, we popped to the cute ice cream shack which we passed on the way to the gold-diggers.
We sat at a cute red table for two whilst nibbling on our ice creams and just watched the people go by.
It's so nice to just sit and watch. People tend to just stare at their phones these days, and I can be a culprit of this too, but isn't it such nice feeling to just keep your phone in your bag and just people watch. I love to hear snippets of odd conversations and watch elderly couples walk hand in hand. It's such a nice, quiet moment.
We then went on to spending money in a huge Primark and even bigger TKMaxx-- Where I found THE camel coat of dreams!

Be on the look out for the next installment of 'Seaside Tours'!


  1. Sounds like you are having a lovely time. Enjoy!

  2. The Creative Quarter looks lovely, I'd love to explore it and have a wander!


  3. The area looks really lovely and those buildings are amazing! Definitely think more buildings should be painted with pastels and bright, bold mint greens! Would love to visit one day to check out the art galleries.
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  4. I LOOOOVE discovering little towns. I don't get to have the pleasure of old european architecture and the scent of the sea, but I'll make due with what Illinois has to offer while I'm here. Lovely pictures, and show us that camel coat!

  5. I do love the seaside, especially if they come with a cute town :) I can't believe you got through the whole Summer without an ice-cream ... I dread to think how many we've had!

    Chloe x

  6. It looks like you had the most wonderful time Charlotte. Exploring little seaside towns is so much fun, and so relaxing too x

  7. Nothing I love more than an English Seaside Town, the jolly colours amongst the wonky (slightly crumbling) buildings, the tea rooms, and of course, the ice cream!!

  8. Looks like you had a great time - love your pictures.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  9. What a beautiful day! Wish I could visit more seaside towns!! xx


*Forever Love*