Seaside Tours- Part Two

It has taken me a little longer to write these posts, I have been quite busy lately with plans and I haven't been feeling quite up for doing much due to lack of sleep.
So, rewind back to a few weeks ago, I had the whole week off and I spent the majority of it with Sebastian. We spent most of it exploring seaside towns and tried to remember to snap some of our time. Part One can be found here, of when we adventured to Folkestone.
Our next seaside trip was to Hythe, in Kent. This quaint little town is where the elderly couples tend to go and retire with their cute dirty-white westie dogs!
I love it- It is full of second-hand book shops, antique boutiques and ice cream stalls, Oh and a canal.
Basically it's an old ladies dream! And considering I am pretty much an old lady anyway, I was in my element! I loved looking at the old china and browsing the bookstores. We also made sure to stop off at my childhood favourite chip shop- it was so good.
We took our chips and sat on the beach and watched the swimmers in the icy cold water.
We didn't go for too long as I needed to get back for an appointment but it was just enough time to walk along the canal, nibble on chips and have a stroll on the boardwalk.

I spent the following day in my Star Wars tee pretending I was cooler than I actually am. We browsed our local town and bought birthday gifts, drank shakes and made the most of the fact the town was quieter now the children were back to school!
Part Three to follow... and more adventures at the seaside with two beautiful bloggers.


  1. That marmite buttery toast looks perfection!! Also a fan of your polka dot skirt. Where is it from? :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | Fun, Food & Fashion!

  2. I'm loving reading about all your seaside adventures, being a big fan of seaside towns myself!

  3. The marmite toast looks lovely - I love your outfit too :)

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  4. Your photography is always so dreamy Charlotte, love reading about your little adventures x


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