Welcome September

Finally September is here! It has been quite amazing already... Firstly I got to wear a few jumpers over dresses due to a lovely chill in the air. Sebastian made me breakfast waffles- not had one of those since April! I have this whole week off from work. & my older brother finally proposed to his girlfriend after 8 years or so of being in love! Ahh. I bloody love Autumn.
September 1st brought us all change... according to astrology, and to facts. There had been something niggling in my mind, and my heart for a while now and last week just put the icing on a very bad cake. September 1st bought guts for me to actually do something about it. I saw true colours that day. I saw truth. For the first time. After many many tears and long best friend chats on the phone (to both Suz AND Alix) I felt better, I saw sense, I got clarity. & I finally let go.
But enough of that for now... look at this handsome Mr! Gosh I do love him in a checked shirt.
We have been enjoying our week off together adventuring to Seaside towns, sipping shakes and licking ice creams. We have watched films, we have got up late, we have been on too many buses and had too many late lunches. But it was just what the doctor ordered. I have had a lovely week so far.
September I feel will be a REALLY good month for me, I feel it already has. I just wish the sun would go in and for the frost to come out so I can wear camel coats, rain macs, ankle boots with knitted tights and woolen mittens with pompoms. I will kick through the fallen rust coloured crunchy leaves and sip hot chocolates in the park. I will start those new creative projects and kick my motivation into gear. I will smile... from ear to ear.
What are your September plans? Have you made any changes yet? Let's welcome Autumn in together- I'll need to host a farewell Summer giveaway I think! It is overdue!


  1. Those waffles just look so so scrummy x

  2. Love all your dreamy pics as usual :) xo

  3. Ohhh! It's been so long since I've had waffles! Yum yum yum. Time to get a waffle iron!

    And I totally keep bottles with flowers on my window sill as well! So pretty!

    x Jenna @ maybe lately

  4. Love the flowers in the bottles .. so pretty! =) and the waffles looks absolutely delicious =).


  5. What a wonderful happy post! Hope you enjoy Autumn! I am looking forward to Spring over here in Australia!

  6. Oh girlie you just made me so hungry. Those waffles look delish!!

  7. Amazing pics! Love waffles, too! I would like to have some of them now hehe

  8. I love a good woollen tight, jumper combo!! Lots of tea for me and planning of winter celebrations. I need a new wardrobe....

  9. Beautiful pics! Congrats to your brother! xx

  10. Keep your head up, beautiful!

    Laura | elelibee

  11. Looks like you've been having a lovely week off and sounds like you needed it after a rather stressful time. Photos are beautiful as always- you and Sebastian are such a cute couple.
    I've just started a new job (only part-time so unfortunately I'm still experiencing retail's joys 3 days a week) so everything for me is a bit up in the air at the moment. I only had a holiday in August but was worrying about work so feel like I need another one already! Hoping to head over to Dublin for a few days in October and doing very similar things to you- lounging around and late lunches. I can't wait for Autumn proper to hit either- I want to wear my big scarves and Dr Martens and not have to bother shaving my legs or painting my toenails!


*Forever Love*