An ode to the weekend

Last weekend brought to us a whole extra hour in bed, snuggled beneath the cosy covers. It brought us true Autumnal weather for us to wrap ourselves up in chunky scarves and woollen coats. It brought Saturday night television and hot warm homemade dinners. It was pretty darn amazing.
It was chilly enough on the Saturday to wear Autumnal floppy hats and knitted jumpers whilst ambling around the town hand in hand with Mr Sebastian. The seasonal weather and openings of new Christmas and toy shops begged me to buy chocolate coins for my nephews and I to nibble later that day whilst we battled eachother at Connect Four.

The chill in the air also reminded me that Christmas was around the corner and I desperately needed to plan some Christmas handmade gifts for loved ones. Last year was the first year that we had succeeded and I so enjoyed giving them out. My family and friends' faces were a delight. I love that people appreciate that extra touch and thought that went into it all. 
So we have less than TWO months to plan, make, and wrap. No pressure.
Sunday was a little more frosty than the day before. So I enjoyed cosying myself up in my tartan man scarf and camel coat to do the grocery shopping. Now all I need are some mittens!!!
Sebastian and I like to have a relaxing day on Sundays- well who doesn't?! So we had hot chips out instead of our weekend Starbucks and we bought gingerbread treats to enjoy later.
After watching an episode of Arrow, and nibbling on Gingerbread whirls and German chocolate dipped Christmas biscuits with tea and coffee, we made some organic lip balm.
It was so easy and I definitely want to make some lip balms to give as gifts this Yule Tide. We made organic Lavender lip balm as a test and it smells (and tastes) so amazing. I really want to try rose lip balm with a pink tint and a peppermint.
The day was finished with vegetable pasta and a film. The dinner tasted so good and it was perfect as the house was blooming freezing so it warmed my insides a great deal.

THIS weekend will be filled with a viewing of McBusted with my lovely Emma, and a peruse around Margate (again!) and then Sunday morning is reserved for my dearest friend Zena and a nice hot chocolate followed by some sewing and snuggles with Sebastian.

What are your plans?


  1. I love an extra hour in bed - you make your weekends too full - mine are really lazy.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. A spooky Halloween eve last night, followed by a 70th birthday party for grandma Jilly tomorrow! Plus we get to stay in a B&B - not done that in years. Super excited x enjoy yours.

  3. I love this post, it sounds like you had a really chilled weekend which are the weekends I enjoy the most!

    Her Whimsical Dreams

  4. Looks like you had a really lovely weekend. Wish I could go and see McBusted! I think I might try and make some of my own gifts this year too - I'd love to see what you're planning to make.

  5. This is all so, so perfect! Our weekend plans were packing ready to move and a bit of beach time to chillax :)

    hannah bee | australian lifestyle blog


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