Five Happy Things

Happy Sunday lovelies. I hope you have lots of lovely things planned for this cosy day of rest. This week has been extremely Autumnal... with lots of rain and lots of strong winds. It is definitely time for proper coats that's for sure.
1.  Speaking to my florist on Monday took a huge weight off my mind. Talking heather, dusky roses, foliage, ribbon and flower crowns made me extremely happy and excited. These nine months are going to fly by.

2.  Buying Christmas decorations at a craft fair set me up for my usual early festive mood, which I had started to think would never arrive (she claims whilst listening to Christmas songs as she writes.. clearly it is well and truly present now!).

3.  Finally getting back into my crafts. I have so many new ideas- I feel I need a week off to get stuck in. I am due a long weekend at the end of November which I may have to dedicate to making Christmas gifts and Wedding invitations.
Anyway... watch out for the new items on the virtual shelves of my Etsy shop coming soon.

4.  M&S dark chocolate with mint... is the true definition of Perfection. That is all.

5.  Sunday Roast (beef) on a Saturday at mother's was just amazing. I have not had a proper roast dinner like this in so long. I wanted to eat it several times over. There's something like Mother's home cooked dinners isn't there?

What happiness has your week been filled with? Any Autumnal adventures? Cosy snuggly nights in? Crazy nights out with lashings of glitter?
I want to hear it!


  1. Mum's always make the best Sunday lunches. Glad you got your flowers sorted too :)

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. So lovely to visit your blog again! I used to blog YEARS ago under "Pixie Dust and Rose Petals" as Lily Sage. I've started blogging again under my real name Nikki. Just wanted to say you were a VERY BIG inspiration to me back in my high school days. I fell in love with blogging and I'm happy to be back.

  3. A lovely trip back to Norwich to surprise my Mum for her birthday - then a trip to the beach and a gorgeous breakfast in a cosy cafe :)


*Forever Love*