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So things have been busy in my life lately. One of which was the beautiful miss Alix visiting England and staying with us in our big ol town house for two weeks.
I hadn't seen this girl for nearly nine months and over that long period of time there were moments were I had just wanted to hop on a plane and come visit her in Berlin. Unfortunately I have an out of date passport that stopped me from doing this.
Even though it didn't get me away from my life, and didn't fill me with beautiful buildings laden with outrageously awesome paintings and greeted by a photo automat on every other street and vegan ice creams... it was lovely to see her.
We chatted through the night, nibbling on dark chocolate and sipping tea (me). We spoke about the future and her writings and fashion.
We chatted over breakfast about her crazy dreams, and my rubbish night sleep. (This was pretty much every day- but whilst I was awake far too early for Alix most mornings these conversations usually happened over tea time!!!). We blogged and pinned whilst nibbling on dark chocolate.
She brought back gifts of vintage postcards, beautiful fabric, stickers and washi tape.
She taught me how to make easy, healthy lunches for work.
The two weeks seemed to fly by... and actually I didn't see her an awful lot. But her presence in the house was much appreciated. It was tricky when I wanted a quiet day on my own, it was rubbish that I had to work nearly every day, it was pants that our plans crossed over so when I was free she wasn't and vice versa. But the times we did share were lovely.
Our X factor marathon, Christmas film watching, creating our futures with vision (& Pinterest), making dinner together and nibbling dark chocolate. It officially feels strange without her here.
I feel the £80 Passport renewal is vital at this stage. The moment she arrives in Berlin, I may do to!


  1. Passport renewals are a pain...I nearly had a shock when I found out the price!!! ;)

  2. Sounds like such a fun time and makes me miss my BFF who also lives far away! xo

  3. Sounds like you had a great time - definitely get your passport renewed - it does work out at £8 a year, which is pretty good.

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