Sweater Weather

My most favourite thing about Autumn is the slight chill in the air. The breeze that insists you wear a knitted jumper to prevent the goosepimples, then soon after when the chills get more intense then out comes the coat and woollen scarf.
I love Autumnal walks- kicking the crunchy leaves out the way, knitted tights, hot chocolates and marshmallows. The October air hints that Christmas is just around the corner- which obviously I am ALWAYS excited about.
This 'Smoothie Pink' jumper from Great Plains* is currently my favourite thing to wear at the moment. I find myself throwing it on after work- over my night shirt to keep cosy.
It automatically goes on at the weekends too. It goes perfectly with my soft Leigh jeans and a tee, and the warm berry colour is so pretty. Quite Autumnal don't you think? I had 'fall'en in love with it as soon as I had laid my eyes on it, I could not wait for the temperature to drop and the heat to go away so I could wear it.
I am such an Autumn/Winter kid and am pretty miserable when the sun is out (strange I know!) One of my favourite things to do is throw an oversized jumper on and go for a lovely walk.
Another one of my favourite things to do is to snuggle under a blanket, rain pouring down outside, cup of tea in hand, bar of chocolate in the other and watch a Christmas film.

Now that it's October- I can officially do both!


  1. So pretty Charlotte, you look wonderful x


  2. You have just written down everything I feel about jumpers and life in general at this time of year. Bring on the Christmas films and hot chocolate! xxx

  3. Me too <3 Yesterday evening I watched " Love actually" , curled up in bed, with my soft blanket and a cup of hot chocolate and I'm already looking forward Christmas!!!

  4. Knitted jumpers are one of my favourite things about Autumn as well! The chill in the air is always so refreshing!


  5. I love the colour of this jumper, you look lovely!



  6. Agree with you 100%! Anything above 15 degrees is far too hot!


*Forever Love*