Creative Hour

Last week, on Friday I stayed up until 4am blogging, sewing and making wedding 'Save the Dates'. Have you ever felt so productive and creative at night time and just thought 'Ah stuff it- I'm staying up!'?! So that was me. I felt so inspired I just kept going, granted I felt pretty darn exhausted the following day, but it was so worth it!
I finally kicked my creative butt back to where it was supposed to be and now I wish I had the whole week off to sew, make, bake and sell. I have so many Christmas gifts to make for my family and I really wanted to put a few things on my Etsy shop for potential Christmas gifts... this is what happens when you let life take over- the fun, creative things go out the window.
However, I am back and just need to throw myself into it. Maybe some creative time after work, later nights and early weekend mornings are needed. I mean it's Christmas time after all- these extra efforts are worth it, right? People will feel the love pour out of it when they open their handmade gifts!
I am hoping to make some more organic lip balms to put up in the shop... but I am not too sure yet whether I should wait for the project Sebastian and I are planning or whether I should just go for it anyway. 
Would anyone be interested in purchasing some organic lip balms (Lavender, Peppermint, Rose) before Christmas? I better sort my priorities if so! Eek.
(^^^ Yes, it was very cold in my house last week!)

Can you sense my sudden Christmas panic? I am usually so organised! I have so much Wedding planning going on that it has been so hard for me to focus on one thing, let alone both. But I do know I need to force myself to be more organised... otherwise I shall spend the first half of 2015 in my house with a mad Wedding brain.

Please can you push me to productivity lovely readers- I'll repay you with Christmas cheer, tea, a giveaway and a few discount codes!


  1. I love that cute heart. Don't panic about Christmas and yes, I'll check out Etsy.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. I would love a lip balm if they go up in your lovely little shop <3

  3. I love the cute heart decorations, I'm going to keep an eye out to see what you have in your etsy shop!

    Check out my Christmas giveaway |


  4. You really do take the most stunning photographs!

    Her Whimsical Dreams

  5. You are putting me to shame, dear Charlotte, you are such a hard working girl! Hopefully will manage to open my own little Etsy shop soon! (PS: I gave a try to my 1st lavender mask last night, and it worked great! slept like a baby :)) Will now go and see your new and lovely items for sale <3


*Forever Love*