Five Happy Things

Happy Sunday! I bet you are getting ready to snuggle up under the blankets to watch a film, sipping hot drinks to stay warm or maybe you're getting ready to go out- dressed in glitter (Oh I cannot wait until Christmas so I can dress myself in head to toe glitter!) and sipping pre-night cocktails.
I am about to hop into my Pyjamas and settle down to watch a film and the XFactor results.
1.  Best thing about this week was today's lovely roast beef dinner at my brother and sister-in-law's accompanied by (Sebastian and) my GRAMPS! My Grandparents live in Scotland, at literally the highest point by the seaside. So I don't see them that often.

2.  Hallowe'en treats and giggles at work on Friday. Who would have thought that green filled orange doughnuts and pale green jelly frogs would be SO hilarious!!

3.  Snuggles with my little fluffball Lady Bluebell. She is the sweetest little ball of fluff there ever was especially when she nibbled on my jumper or a bit of cucumber.

4.  Love, Rosie at the cinema with my friend Emma on Wednesday. That film was just so lovely and inspiring- Remember to always chase your dreams!

5.  Eating Pizza for dinner. Dominoes pizza to be more precise. It's just the best after a horrible day at work.


  1. What a cute little nugget!! <3

  2. How cute is Lady Bluebell! Wish I could have a pet.

  3. You can't beat a roast. Lady Bluebell is adorable.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  4. Dominoes pizza is the BEST! I really want to see Love Rosie so I think a trip to the cinema is definitely needed.

    Love M

  5. Lady Bluebell looks very similar to my hammy Milo! They have such characters. I watched Love, Rosie recently too - absolutely love that film. xx

    Ioanna | Hearting

  6. Aww I have such a sweet affections foe hamsters. What a little treasure!


*Forever Love*