I have been going through my blog from the very first post and I remembered why I started blogging. I remembered why I enjoyed it so much. There was never any pressure, the photographs were blurry, I took snaps of my crazy outfits (& dressing like a wizard) and sweet treats- for no reason. There was never any reason to post.
Sometimes when I feel I HAVE to write, for some reason I can't think of anything to write. If the pictures don't work together (which usually they do because I ALWAYS use the same filter) I feel I can't blog it.
I almost feel silly even writing about all this. I think what I want to put across is that I am going to write about what I feel is natural, sometimes alot, sometimes nothing, sometimes my face, sometimes an adventure, sometimes a piece of cake. But I love you all.
I love all you lot who have been with me from the beginning, with me through those pretty miserable times (there seems like there were alot!), cheering me up, I love all of you who take the time to read about my life.
I appreciate all your love and support and I am happy to have made friends through this little place on the internet.
Before it gets really soppy... THANK YOU!!! I'm off to bed now to dream about lovely Christmassy things.
Please send me your links to all your first posts... here's mine (Oh dear).

(Ps. Do be sure to check out some of the linked posts... they are quite funny. Apologies for the pixelated snaps- my blog layout must have distorted them!)

*Sweet dreams*


  1. It's always such an experience to look back on your first blog post. I look at mine and just see how much I've changed and grown!

  2. Like your post. I guess it`s great to have your own place in the web where to stop when you have something to say or simply just like that for no reason.
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  3. thats why i've just created my blog! blogging is amazing! i love your blog ;)

  4. What a lovely idea, going back to the beginning. I don't think i've ever really had a proper look back at the start of my blogging days. Happy weekend lovely, hope you're having a great one! xxx

  5. Here is a link to my first post:

    I have to say, I love my more recent posts better and I do find reading old posts majorly embarrassing.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  6. Pictures of cake are always good. I'm a relatively newbie to your blog but I do love it so.
    My first blog is rubbish, forgive me for not linking.


*Forever Love*