Motivational Monday #2


Sometimes... Life can be hard, Sometimes... Life can be easy. Sometimes... Life can be grey. But Sometimes... Life can be bright! I promise the ride is SO worth it.

It's hard when you're having a 'down day' to think that better things are coming. Well, they really are. 
If you want better things you must go out there and get them. Sometimes they come to you if you wish for them hard enough, but mostly you have to go get them yourself.
You are in charge of your own future, your own destiny, your own happiness. No one else. You must make every bit of effort to fight for them, I know it can be hard at times, especially on those down days but these are the times when your efforts are needed the most. You will feel so great and happy that you didn't let what ever was bothering you to ruin your day. It honestly is the best feeling!

Have a wonderful day and remember to SMILE, because you are even more beautiful when you do.


  1. I love this, that quote is one of my absolute favourites x

  2. Lovely quote - thanks for sharing, I needed a bit of motivation today!

  3. Perfect post for me to read today.. thoroughly motivational!

    Emma |

  4. Amazing quote, and it would look amazing on my home screen :D

  5. I think I needed to be reminded of this. I've been having such down days recently, for reasons which shouldn't be making me down, but they are. In attempt to make myself feel better, I decided to contact some old friends and catch up. I'm actually meeting up with one of them this weekend. So it's true - there are times when you're in charge of your own destiny and what makes you happy.

    G. x

  6. Your motivational mondays are one of my favourite things!

  7. This is great quote! Keep smiling :)

  8. The ride is SO worth it! If you have a bad day, just play a nice song and get over it!

  9. Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

  10. Thank you for make my day better and make me smile when there are no reasons to do it. We need more positive articles and posts like yours. Keep smiling and be happy whatever it happens. :)

    1. Hello Daria,
      "Don't let the world change your smile" is my moto! Excellent post :) My day is better now. The world needs more positive people <3


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