Oh Life.

Lately. I kind of love life. I had a couple of weeks where I wasn't too sure and I did find myself in doubt quite alot. But now, I feel love. 
It's nearly Christmas, the weather is beautiful- when it's not being too rainy and windy (I dislike them more when they are together!) and I am feeling all kinds of love for the world.
I have had the last two days off, sipping Christmas drinks, being cosy indoors, getting creative, having my hair done, feeling motivated, eating toast and chips and more toast, painting my nails, wearing a GIANT tee and frilly socks, sipping too much tea to stay warm, celebrating my oven getting fixed with a little happy dance, reading lovely blogs and getting things done.
I have sipped on festive drinks, pink milk and more tea, nibbled chocolate treats and Gingerbread muffins whilst feeling extremely Christmassy. I have been sewing, crafting, wedding planning and making invitations, singing along to Taylor Swift WAY too much and dancing around the house in Pyjamas whilst Sebastian works. It has been just perfect, I needed these few days to get back on track and to breathe a little. Some alone time, for me.

I hope you have been well. Have you?


  1. I have - I've spent my last two evenings curled up in bed reading and napping and not thinking about work :)

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. That CAR Charlotte!!! I don't drive, but that, is the sort of car that would learn to drive for i can tell you! I am so pleased to hear you are feeling all smiley. Sometimes you just need to really recharge and just take some time out just for you. It can do you the world of good.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend xxxx

    1. I agree- I don't drive either but something like this would be an absolute dream wouldn't it?! xxx

  3. Heeehee! Love this post, and it's so festive. I can feel Christmas through the virtual airwaves.

  4. Glad to hear you're feeling happy! I'm feeling super festive this week too - I get the feeling Costa's Christmas drinks and cakes have something to do with it :)

  5. You look so gorgeous! I'm so happy that you're feeling happy :) Christmas definitely cheers me up! xx

  6. Why is food this time of year just so damn GOOD?? That white chocolate snowman would go very well with a peppermint hot chocolate would he?? I must be stopped....

    That car is a beaut!

  7. Glad you're feeling more positive...I got married this year and it was the best day ever - Have fun making all the bits and bobs to make your day special x Natalie


*Forever Love*