Something I'm Loving Right Now: Christmas

So it is safe to say that it is officially CHRISTMAS time!!!

Yay! I am filled with so much sparkle and hot chocolate and love for this time of year. The lights are up in our town centre awaiting the official turn on, I have started listening to my favourite song, Last Christmas by Wham... on repeat (it's a tradition!) and the Christmas coffees are here.

...AND the stunning twinkly festive adverts are sparkling across our television screens.


So the Coca-cola advert always used to be THE ad that made that Christmas feeling official when it graced our television screens. However, now it seems that John Lewis and M&S are beating it to the punch. They are alot more stunning too and well thought out. But let's face it- when you see ALL three in the space of half an hour on the ad breaks of Xfactor it's gotta be bloomin' Christmas right?!!

Who's excited?!! I know I am! (But then I've been excited since the summer went)!


  1. How cute is that John Lewis ad!? Aw so sweet! I'm starting to get really festive now! xx

  2. I'm SO excited for Christmas every year, the build-up is just so euphoric what with all the merry songs, decorating and the warmth of snuggling inside while it's cold outdoors! So excited, the John Lewis advert is so beautiful!

    Jade x ♡

  3. I love the John Lewis ad and saw the Coca Cola trucks advert for the first time - I tend to get really excited on the 1st December when I open my advent calendar.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  4. Love the penguin. Just adorable.

  5. Yay for Christmas!! I'm really excited already, I love the build up to Christmas day. Just adore the Coca Cola advert, they never fail to disappoint. xx

  6. John Lewis always get there Christmas ads perfect, I'm already way too excited for Christmas I've been making crimbo decorations at work since October and whilst everyone else is dreading the Christmas CD we'll have on repeat for the next month and a half I can't wait.
    : ]

  7. I love that John Lewis advert so much! xx

  8. I am starting to feel so chrsitmasy now! I adore teh John Lewis advert - it made me cry! x

  9. I'm definitely so excited for Christmas! I love all the Christmas adverts, but I think my favourite is Sainsbury's, even though it's a bit controversial.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings


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