2014- a round up

2014 had it's fair share of ups and downs that's for sure but it was a pretty amazing year! This post is an appreciation for all the wonderful things that I experienced and for me to look back and feel grateful for all the things I have been blessed with. But I warn you... It's a SUPER photo heavy one. *smiles*
What a way to welcome 2014 in with such an adventure. A long day at Disneyland Paris full of fun and icy hands and tasty hotdogs and rides and snuggles and fireworks. It was a dream- Not sure we'll be able to top that this year! It was an adventure that we had spoken about for a long time and was long overdue- we needed it and it was the most special thing (since we got engaged ofcourse-- that WAS the most special thing!)
After being engaged for over Two years before then, my Bestest & Maid of Honour, Suz took me to try on a few Wedding dresses and it was the loveliest thing. I felt like a Princess surrounded by such beautiful lace and beadwork- I was in girly heaven! In the second shop I had found 'THE ONE' but didn't decide until later when I took Mother to see it.
Sebastian finally received his Waffle maker and made us the most heavenly waffles drizzled in golden syrup. We had this every Sunday for a month! -It was worth it though I promise.
My beautiful best, Alix had been home for the Christmas period and we adventured a couple of times, but this one last time in Canterbury was most special. We ate Vegan food and sipped organic lemonade and discussed plans as she set off to adventure FOREVER and officially moving away from England. It was quite emotional. It's hard to accept that one of your best friends is travelling forever but then once you remember WiFi exists and you get to receive wonderful postcards from her travels you learn to be ok with it.
February was that time us bloggers went to Harry Potter (thank you again Jen!) and had the delicious Butterbeer and all the fun.
I also re-opened my shop again and filled it with ceramic pieces, Lavender hearts and other trinkets.
March on the blog was filled with ALOT of Motivational posts which deemed quite effective, not only for me, but for you also. Apparently I add alot of views and lots more commented on those. I hope my Motivational Monday posts are having some positive effects on you too.
This month saw tulips, delicious new Wagamama dishes and wedding dress buying with Mother. The day I tried on the dress for the second time was the most magical. Seeing Mother's face, that special feeling, the permanent grin that was planted on my happy face. We shared some bubbles and felt a magical excitable feeling. I cannot wait to wear it in July!
Well April was pretty special. It was Easter, my Birthday, we adventured to Paris. It was a wonderful, happy month. Seeing Paris with someone you love has got to be the most special thing. Paris is such a romantic city! We loved it so much that we have decided to go back for a few days after our Wedding for a mini-moon. It will be different this time, it will be more relaxed and less queuing!
April also saw that fateful day that we decided to bleach my hair at home!! THAT was the most traumatic thing I have ever chosen upon myself. Haha oh what silly things we are. Mistakes have to happen to make us realise though! Oh and we realised!!!
McBusted, Sebastian's Birthday, a second visit to the Harry Potter Studios with Mother and sister's lovely family. The second visit seemed more magical- I highly recommend going with children they just have this excitable vibe that totally rubs off on you!
I started my new job in May too... it was the best move. Honestly the best decision I have made. I am so glad my mother pushed me to do it. I finally realised I was capable of more than I was giving myself credit for. I have so much more responsibility now which has helped my confidence and self-belief and I actually enjoy it!
That time when I went up to London mid week to adventure with Jenny and she lost her shoe!!! (I still can't help but laugh every time I think about it- Sorry Jen!). HIGHLIGHT of the month.
After Captain Barnaby Whiskers passed away, the house felt too lonely without him so we bought Lady Bluebell to keep us company. She is a little beauty but a quite the rascal! July made me go to the Hairdressers to get rid of the green tinge that was left after the brunette was put on the disastrous bleach back in April! July was also a pretty stormy month filled with rain, gigs, jelly shoes, old friends & new and Wedding prep and 6 Bridesmaid invitations.
This month filled us with craft markets, local macarons, adventures with Sebastian, his amazing Croque Monsieur's (Oh can I have another please?!) and the beginning of Autumn. Finally being able to wear a jumper was the best feeling (she says whilst she types with icy hands and wears two jumpers!!!).
August also made me see the real in people I used to keep dear to me. They made me realise how much friendship really means to me and obviously not as much to them. No matter how much upset it caused I am a better person for that.
Well this month was FULL of adventure. Sebastian and I visited THREE seaside towns, and I visited a fourth with my beautifuls Jen and Alice. Saving for a wedding meant we couldn't really go away anywhere fancy due to saving etc but we took a week off to explore a few seaside towns nearby and experience some time out. It was pretty fun.
I also went to see Get Cape Wear Cape Fly on their final farewell tour with my bestest Suz (an early Christmas gift from her!) and it was emotional. Amazing and emotional.
Oh and my brother and his lady finally got engaged after 7/8 years and him and Papa started speaking again and my heart mended itself.
October brought a trip back to a beloved seaside town of mine (Margate) where Sebastian and I viewed a house (to buy) for the very first time. It was a very grown up, wet (It rained so HARD!), amazing day. It was also the month that Alix came home and stayed for two weeks. It was also the month I grew some strength and got a wrist tattoo- this was a path changer for me- I realised so much after this! 
With Autumn gone and Winter finally creeping in, November was filled with Christmas coffees, gingerbread, festive planning, getting creative and remembering that blogging is forever on my terms. I spent days reading my blog from the very beginning and re-learnt that I can blog for myself and not just for others. I used to blog about nothing sometimes and they got the most views! I decided if I wanted to do that again- I can and I will.
I also had a wonderful sleepover at mine that Jen and Alice attended. We watched Christmas films, visited a Kentish castle, drank mulled punch, nibbled on pasta. It was a delight to have them.
Ok it's Christmas month and for the first time in FOREVER I wasn't excitable. But I had the best month- I didn't sleep, I had busy weekends, Christmas adventures, friends, gingerbread, films, wrapping homemade gifts, family and so much more.
The day itself has to be one of the top 5 most important ones. My brother and father hadn't spoken for nearly 6 years, for whatever reasons, but in September they spoke again. My life was kinda complete when I heard Kev was coming to Papa's for Christmas... how could I not spend the day with them?! It was so special. I just wished little Sam was there.

So this year was crazy, amazing, emotional, breathtaking, upsetting, ridiculous, perfect and wonderful. It really did have it's ups and downs. I am grateful for everything that happened because today I realise that I am exactly where and what I want to be. I have learnt so much and all I know is 2015 will be the most perfect year yet.
Sebastian and I are getting married and who knows what else it will have in store for us! But what I do know is that I'm going to make 2015 everything and more and I'm going in hard. 
Are you?


  1. What a year! It's been a beautiful 2014 for you dear Charlotte, and I wish you an even merrier 2015! Hope to see you soon, and maybe have a little adventure in Paris?! Hii!!

  2. Love this list. It is such a great way to round up the year with the beautiful memories of 2014. I hope you have an even better 2015. And I'm oh so jealous of the Disneyland visit x

  3. What a lovely post and a great way to document the year and look back on memories. Glad your brother and father are speaking again, I feel 2015 is going to hold great times for you :)


  4. Lovely recap!! I was so excited when I clicked on it and then I saw Disney, Harry Potter, creme eggs and strawberries and it just made it even better!

    hellomissjordan.blogspot.co.uk xx

  5. It looks like an amazing year and I hope you have a great 2015.

    Lizzie Dripping

  6. Wonderfully eventful year you've had, heres to a great 2015 too!
    Marissa Jamie || Faithfully, Marissa ♡

  7. What a lovely post, you definitely have had some highlights! Have a wonderful 2015 x

    What Rachael Wrote

  8. This is such a lovely post Charlotte! It's such a wonderful way to look back on the past year and it looked like you made such amazing memories in 2014. I hope you have a fantastic New Year too! :) xx

  9. I really would like to go to disneyland one day :)

    I'm running a "Christmas" giveaway (lorac pro pallet+ the wet brush), if you're interested, check this link:
    little taste of heaven

  10. Loved reading this post, everything about it was so lovely. It looks like you've created some memorable moments in 2014 and I wish you all the best for 2015. Happy New Year! x

    Bridie | Upon My Sleeve

  11. I absolutely loved reading about all your adventures throughout the year. You have such an amazing perspective on life and it comes through so well in your blog posts. I can't wait to see what your blog has in store for 2015 ^_^


  12. This is such a beautiful re-cap of your year, and the images are like candy! Happy 2015, darling!

  13. Lovely post! Sounds like you had a lovely year :) I hope you'll have an amazing 2015!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  14. I wrote my recap of the year yesterday! Although I found it kinda hard to remember everything that happened to be honest :O
    2014 sounded like an awesome year for you :) I hope that this year brings much more happiness and excitement for you!



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