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Happy Christmas lovely ones!

Today's special post is bought to you by the beautiful Hannah of All Of My Days With You. Hannah shares her very special, secret Christmas Day tradition with us...
"Ever since I can remember, my family and I have always had a Christmas tradition from decorating the tree with our dog Bella under our feet, snooping around the presents, turning all the lights off so only the tree lit the room, mum putting the Christmas sweets out and me always sneaking a strawberry quality street to the dog, watching The Muppets Christmas Carol with my Dad and our biggest tradition, our Christmas Eve dinner and movie date. Really not much has changed now me and my sister are grown up. I have new traditions, making ginger bread houses, shadow puppet shows with my best friend and her girls, an activity advent- which may I say hasn't really gone to plan this year but there is always next year. I love that over time new traditions have formed to accompany the old and I embrace them. 
I thought it would be nice to write about a tradition of my own. A secret one that. Instead of talking about the Christmas Eve and Day traditions I thought I would let you all in on a secret of mine.

On Christmas Day for a long time now, I have taken myself off upstairs at my folks house. I sit for 10 mins and just think about the year thats passed. All the memories, smiles, laughs, tears, bad and good. I listen to the sounds of everyone downstairs laughing and talking and I smile to myself. I take a breath and fill my lungs full of Christmas air and let it out.  I look through my presents and think how lucky I am that all these people love me so much and I feel like I could burst. I have a little tear. I think about what I want from the next year of my life and when I am ready I wipe away the grateful tears and I take myself back downstairs and join in with the fun as if I had never left the room.  
This year I have decided to take my little journal with me and write down how I am feeling in that ten minutes so I can always remember that time, when I took a few moments out of the chatter to embrace what luck I have been blessed with. I guess this will become another tradition but not a tradition for anyone else but for me. Just me. Life is so short and I never want to forget a thing. 
No one knows what is around the corner but I intend on living every day full of adventure. I want to be my own Bilbo Baggins."
I feel pretty lucky to have Hannah share her secret personal tradition with us here on the TTDER. She has inspired me and I really hope she has inspired you too! I really need to start appreciating life more than I do and I cannot wait for 2015 to start. A brand new year always makes me feel grateful for the past year and what it's taught me... and a brand new start.

Have a wonderful day, may you all have such a special day with your loved ones.

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