Christmas is something I love so much, every year I count down the days until it's here. However, this year I just haven't been my normal Christmassy self. It's strange. My family think I've changed and my work colleagues are confused. It is so peculiar. It could be due to the fact that Sebastian and I are not seeing each other on Christmas day at all**, perhaps it's all the Wedding planning. Whatever it is. I don't like it!
In attempt to force the Christmas spirit on me, the weekend was very Festive indeed. Friday was the work staff party, Saturday morning I went tree shopping and visited a Christmassy castle. 
On Sunday morning, Sebastian hopped out of bed and made us both a bowl of Porridge with his famous caramelised bananas. We walked into town, sipped gingerbread lattes, bought chocolate coins and small gifts and in the afternoon we made candles for gifts whilst listening to Christmas songs.
On Monday, Sebastian and I both had a day off. We decided to sleep in until 10:45 when my back up alarm went off. Gosh, I needed that extra sleep.
We got ready, visited Sebastian's grandparents for soup and cheese and wine and chatted about old pennies, Christmas and the wedding. We popped into town to pick up a few bits and came home to decorate the tree... finally.
It seems that our tradition is that Sebastian strings the lights around the tree and I hang the baubles. We have done this for a few years now. I quite like the fact that our traditions have already started.
Whilst stringing the lights we watched Jingle all the Way, sipped tea and nibbled mince pies and it felt quite Christmassy.
Our tree is actually quite huge! It is apparently 6ft... but seems taller. It is also VERY wide!!! It fills our lounge. Honestly! It's beautiful, but it's huge!! It is so big that we had to go out and get more lights on Monday. It's true it's true.
^^^ I sent this snap to my mother... it made me chuckle and it makes me festive so felt it necessary to include it.
I am now feeling more Christmassy so I'm hoping it keeps up! I can't believe it's next week! NEXT WEEK!!
**Sebastian and I agreed to have our separate Christmases this year so to spend it with our family because next year we have decided that on Christmas Day we are spending it together on our own at home. We will be married you see and hoping to start our own family traditions together. It will be strange not seeing him at all but next year will be the best!

Seven chocolates, Six full days.


  1. Seems like you've had a wonderfully festive week! Glad to hear you're feeling more festive :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  2. Everyone has at least one Christmas where they can't get into the mood. You'll make up for it next year especially if you're going to spend t just the two of you. It will all seem so relaxed and you'll be able to just chill and enjoy.

  3. Aww this post took me back to Christmas! I miss it already! I hope you had a lovely day! xx


*Forever Love*