Five Happy Things

I am currently snuggled up on the sofa with tea, pig and my bunny printed dressing gown watching Home Alone 2. It's chilly, and I have felt a little worse for wear today after a much needed girly (& Paul!) night dressed in sparkles and dancing to Christmas songs and S Club 7.
It was a pretty good ending to a pretty crazy, exhausting week. So my Five favourite things...
1.  New pyjamas. I ordered the softest, pastel pyjamas in the week and picked them up yesterday. They are pastel blue with snowmen printed on them and are the loveliest Pjs I have had in a while.

2.  Christmas. I have started to feel a little more Christmassy after I danced the night away to Last Christmas with my friends. So I spent today nibbling on chocolate coins and watching Home Alone 1 and 2.

3.  Post. Receiving parcels is one of my favourite things. Whether it is a Christmas gift that I have ordered for Sebastian, a special magazine subscription, or a pretty envelope of treasures I do love receiving post. I have been pretty rubbish with replying to my penpals but I will change- I forgot how special it is to receive thoughtful letters and envelopes of love from my friends and also how much I love sending them.

4.  Sebastian. After a really horrible day at work he places a cup of tea and a huge dusty iced doughnut in front of me because he knows, he just always knows. Among other things this week. He really is super awesome.

5.  Friends. Last Saturday and Last night have really opened my eyes that I actually really NEED them in my life. I don't need to spend lots of money, I don't need to drink lots of southern comfort... but I do need regular catch ups. I am so lucky to have these special girls.


  1. This was such a lovely post to read, reflecting is great!

    Jade x ♡

  2. I love reading what makes people happy, it's always the little things. Your list is great!

    The Night is Wild

  3. Nothing can beat dancing the night away to old school cheesy tunes, it always cheers me up.

    Callie -

  4. SoCo is my tipple too unfortunately seeing my friends is only when they are drinking too - need a change! xx

  5. Lovely post! It's good to reflect on the positive things...receiving post definitely cheers me up! x


*Forever Love*