Five Happy Things

This week has been FESTIVE. I have got my Mrs Christmas/ Head Elf mojo back. I have been wrapping gifts and making custom orders- all whilst watching Miracle on 34th Street, The Holiday and Arthur Christmas. How can I not feel Christmassy after that?
1.  TTDER. Sebastian and I made some gifts to give to our families and it has gotten me so motivated to make lots of things for the shop in the new year. Sebastian and I have our own project that we'll be working on (as well as our wedding!) but for TTDER I am making lots of pieces before I put them on Etsy. This way there will be lots of lovely things for you to choose from.

2.  Oh Christmas Tree. We finally decorated the tree on Monday and it was pretty amazing. I love that we have already started traditions between us. The tree is huge and glorious and I never want to take it down. It smells divine too.

3.  Taylor Swift. Woo! Suz and I have tickets to see her in June next year. It is two weeks before the wedding and I think that day out singing along to Taylor is going to be THE only time I get to go out next year due to funds. & Oh my goodness I am so excited!

4.  Wrapping gifts. I have always loved wrapping gifts. Whether it's birthday or Christmas I love it. I also love packing to go on holiday... I'm beginning to realise I am probably quite weird! Anyway... I love wrapping my thoughtfully picked gifts in brown paper and striped twine and handing it to the person and seeing their smiling face.

5.  Porridge. Every day this week the wonderful Mr Sebastian has made me porridge. Even on days he didn't fancy it he has made me a gorgeous fluffy bowl of oats. I have been drizzling honey all over it and sipping tea with it. It warms me up on Frosty mornings and fills me up until lunchtime.

How has your week been? Ps. THREE days.


  1. I hate wrapping gifts so my lovely partner does it :)

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. I love wrapping gifts, but I hate packing suitcases!
    I get such satisfaction out of making gifts pretty, but piling up clothes and shoes like tetris? Nahhh!

    Merry Christmas!!
    Laura | elelibee

  3. Such a lovely post, so lovely of your mister to make you porridge every single day xx

    Ioanna | | Check out my 100 follower GIVEAWAY


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