It's exactly FOUR days and TEN hours until Christmas day is here and after trying to organise to meet family and friends and realising I have NO days left- Christmas has finally hit me.
ARGH! So much to do. We have made our homemade gifts for our parents and custom TTDER orders, I only have the sparkly spiced biscuits to make now and i'll feel relief... or at least some.
I spent this morning with my nephew, Felix, watching cartoons so I had to wrap his and his brothers gifts last night. This helped me get a little organised and I am spending this weekend finishing a few more TTDER custom orders, more wrapping and some baking. So come Monday I'll feel a little relaxed and ready to invite people over for some non-alcoholic mulled punch and a mince pie, after work that is.
^^^ custom order- leopard print lavender filled heart.
^^^ custom order- rose scented natural candles- smells like Turkish Delight. 
I need to buy only a few extra gifts which will have to wait until next week but I feel I have not done anything. I think it's because Sebastian and I have made alot of our gifts to give to our family and I have only bought a few extras. Oh and Sebastian's gifts were an easy buy. We've written no cards, we decided not to buy our friends any gifts because we just HAVE to be careful due to the Wedding creeping up on us ever so scarily! I think that's why it really doesn't feel Christmassy around here. I haven't been busy busy busy and excited throughout the build up.
In other news... Sebastian brought back the most delicious Belgian chocolates and pain au chocolat back from his trip to Bruges a couple of weeks ago. He has also been keeping me fueled with porridge and honey every morning this week. Suz and I have tickets to see Taylor Swift next year (2 weeks before the wedding I must add!) and I have a been listening to classic Taking Back Sunday this week and re-living my youth.
Tell me about your week!


  1. Such lovely photos by the way, just had to say.
    And your gift wrapping looks amazing, much better than my crappy attempts. I might do brown paper parcels next year, they look so traditional and Christmassy.
    Drooling over that pastry, nom nom nom!
    x tink x


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