It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

I have finally found my Christmas spirit. Last night was the work's Christmas party and with the obligatory shiny Christmas hat and red sparkly dress I couldn't really avoid the festive cheer (not that I have been- It's been avoiding ME!). Highlights included giggles over bad dancing, cracker moustaches and dancing to 'Last Christmas'.
This morning, Mother and sister picked me up nice and early and we ventured out for our Christmas trees.
"We'll take three please!"
I chose a stunning 6ft beauty, though kind of wished for this ^^^ cute, dumpy Fir- How cute is that?!!
Anyway, whilst I write this I am sitting by the window, sipping tea and listening to Smooth Xmas, I can smell the beautiful Christmas tree from downstairs and I am feeling all sorts of joy. Happy Charlotte.
This afternoon I am going out with a friend to visit a castle filled with Gingerbread and crafts. Tomorrow I am making Christmas gifts, watching Christmas films and decorating the tree. Monday will be filled with lie-ins, snuggles, more Christmas films and perhaps a little gift shopping and wrapping. I feel no anxiety at the fact I have not been organised, I feel no stress, I am currently feeling really relaxed, happy and pretty darn festive. Finally!

What are your weekend plans?


  1. Aww, what a beautifully written post! It's always a delight to read your blog. Sounds like you have a very festive few days ahead, I hope you enjoy them :) xx

    Ioanna |

  2. I miss a real tree - we had to get artificial this year as we're away over Xmas.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  3. Gingerbread.....I eat so much of this stuff at Christmas...and I don't even really like it that much!! Just for Christmas I make that special effort!! I love the tattoo by the way!!

  4. Aww this post made me feel so festive and happy! I don't have a real Christmas tree but I weirdly love the smell of the fake ones :P I think it's because I've grown up with them all my life! Gingerbread is my fave! xx

  5. Lovely post! Glad to hear you're feeling festive and not stressed :) That's how Christmas is supposed to be.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  6. I just adore this, Christmas is my most favourite time of the year and having a real tree makes it even more wonderful x

  7. The craft castle sounds so lovely! Hope you had fun :) x

    Under Blue Lights

  8. I'm glad the festive spirit has found you this week, it's lovely to go and pick your tree, I have a little dumpy one this year, very sweet!

  9. The lead up to Christmas is always so nice, almost better than the day itself! Gingerbread sounds good.

  10. Looks like you are embracing the Christmas spirit! :) I work in radio and actually work across brands like Smooth, Heart etc but... STILL haven't listened to Smooth Christmas yet which is totally unacceptable! x


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