Motivational Monday #10

In my opinion Christmas is the whole of December. So keeping in the festive spirit this Monday's quote is quite apt.
Just because Christmas Day is over and the New Year is nearly upon us- let's try and keep this Happy, Merry vibe up. How good do you feel wishing your loved ones a 'Merry' Christmas and 'Happy' New Year?! We should wish our loved ones, colleagues and selves a 'Happy' day EVERYDAY. 
At least try it for a week and come back and tell me how you feel. I guarantee you feel better than you would whinging about the fact you have to go back to work or explaining how rubbish your cold is making you feel!
Lots of festive love to you and 'HAPPY MONDAY' have a super fantastic day.


  1. Happy Monday to you too! I think a lot of people feel a post-New Year's slump, so it's important to keep up the positivity! :)

    Claire // Technicolour Dreamer

  2. I thought it was about time I write to you after a seeing a few of your motivation Mondays. I hope you keep these up in the New Year because quite frankly, I love these posts. Anything to lift moods and put a smile on peoples faces.

    I hope you have a Merry and Happy New Year.

    Rebekah | 0910 Studio Blog

  3. That's such a sweet idea! I definitely think Christmas should continue on into the New Year - we keep our decorations up until the 6th anyway so it still feels festive.


*Forever Love*