Motivational Monday #7


Last week was a little tricky at work. Or at least the last half of it was. Many late nights, many stresses and many handfuls of work that I'm still not sure were really MY responsibility. There were times I thought I could cry, there were times where I just wanted to call in sick, there were times when I thought 'I just can't do this anymore'.
But I got through it. I left at five on Friday, locked the door and left my work and stress behind me. 

Moments like these are when you really learn what you're capable of, when you realise what you're made of, what you can actually handle when you are really put in such a situation, when you know that actually you're stronger than you think you are!

So my darlings... when tough gets going- you make sure to kickass!!!


  1. This is such good advice but it can be SO hard to follow sometimes! You're right though, it shows your strength.

    Becky ::

  2. Happy Monday dear Charlotte! I hope this week will be sweeter <3 xx

  3. Really good advice! Good job on getting through last week. I hope this week will treat you better :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  4. Ooh I love this! May steal this to motivate me, as it's been really applicable to me as of late!

    Emma |

  5. Great quote - I need to remember this at work.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  6. I needed to read this today, thank you for sharing! xxx


*Forever Love*