Motivational Monday #9

ZsaZsa Bellagio
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Recently I have had a few things on my mind that I just seem to be replaying over and over. Every time I think about these few things it annoys me, upsets me, deflates me. Well it is time to accept.

I have finally learnt that if you keep letting things get to you, you have to deal with it ASAP or it'll fester and leaving it harms you more.
Look, yes it hurts. Yes it really really frustrates you. Have a little cry or a moan and drop it. Accept that people are just rude, accept that work is work, accept that you won't see Sebastian on Christmas Day, Accept these things and move on. I promise it gets better after that! -I have already forgotten about how rude those 'friends' are. I've ignored that work issue. I'm actually feeling Christmassy and excitable and I've moved on to better things that are worth my time.

Accept and Move on... "There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy"!!! *wink*

Ps. TWO days.


  1. 2 days until Christmas - woohooo! I need to do the same, I'm struggling to accept things that have happened recently and it's really getting me down. I just need to work out how to accept them because at the moment I'm just ignoring the issue, then it slips back into my mind and I need to figure out a way of dealing with them xx

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  2. Love this! it's so true! Monday blues also gets me really down and hearing this just lifted my mood....even though its Friday haahaa x


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