Kent // Hever Castle

This time last weekend I had bid my farewells to the lovely Jenny and Alice and had spent my afternoon sewing and watching Frozen to try to carry on the festive feelings that I had from such a wonderful Christmassy weekend.
Jenny had travelled down on the Friday and after some pizza we planned to have an early night but ended up chatting about life, macaron tours and Christmas pyjamas. Oops.
Early Saturday morning we got up and drove to the station to pick lovely Alice up so we could start our Christmas adventure.
We drove to the beautiful Hever Castle, in Kent and it was the most perfect day for it. It was chilly but the sunshine was out and it made a wonderful setting.
We stopped for a mug of tea and festive biscuits the moment we arrived. It set us up for the perfect day.
We ambled around the castle grounds in awe of the pretty winter blooms and festively lit trees. We stumbled across a pack of Husky dogs surrounded by a cave of powdery pretend snow, it looked magical and made us feel a little chilly.
After we explored the grounds we bumped into Father Christmas on our way into the cute little castle. The castle rooms were adorned with beautifully decorated Christmas trees and each room had a historical Christmas fact. Did you know it was made illegal to eat a mince pie on Christmas day?! That didn't last too long though... thank goodness.
After a nose around the gift shop our warm cosy pyjamas were calling us. We decided to head back to mine for a sleepover. We couldn't go home until we stopped off for a Costa christmas coffee though!
After getting some dinner, treats and cheap Disney DVDs we headed home and got into our comfies. We watched The Holiday and nibbled on Christmas chocolate and sipped on Mulled Winter Punch.
I had such a lovely evening and wonderfully festive weekend. I only wished we lived closer to each other. It is so lovely to have some chill time with the girls. I need to make sure I get this on a regular basis... all this wedding planning and Christmas making and working needs to be divided up for some girly intervals.


  1. Aw this sounded absolutely lovely, I love the pics too!

    Jade x ♡

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Those festive biscuits look yummy too!

    Emma |

  3. Sounds like you had a really lovely and festive weekend!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  4. This was such a lovely post - sounds like you had an extra lovely time with your girlfriends. Honestly, part of me can't wait until I get home from university to see my girlies and hopefully go something festive. I think I might suggest doing something a little special to spend some quality time together and get us in the Christmas spirit! Thank you so much for giving me the idea,
    G. x


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