The Simple Things

Christmas is my ultimate favorite. You all know this by now. Ever heard of The Simple Things magazine? If not why not?!! 

The Simple Things is a monthly magazine about 'eating, growing, living, making, escaping and wellbeing'. It is the loveliest magazine that makes you feel all homely and cosy and genuinely entices you to enjoy The Simple Things in life. The magazine itself too feels luxurious.

This months issue is all things festive- frosty woodland walks, cakes made from leftover chocolate (as if you'd have leftovers!), homemade Venetian eggnog and more. I have enjoyed coming home from work these past couple of weeks and slipping into my pyjamas straight away, switching the tree lights on and snuggling into the sofa and reading another article before having to make dinner. The pages of stunning snaps makes me feel so festive. I especially loved the frosted woodland spread; 'Crystal Tips' and the article 'The Emergency Present Drawer'.

You can buy your very own copy here, or in any large supermarkets (& sometimes WHSmiths- my local doesn't have it though- sadface). Let's all sit and read by the tree light and get Boxing Day baking ideas.
Ps. One Day.


  1. I love this magazine, it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy :) xx

  2. I'm planning on doing loads of baking after Christmas.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  3. Looks like a great magazine!
    (A silly question...are you from the US? (the 'favorite'!))

  4. Love this magazine. I have saved up the last two issues to keep for boxing day to savour and enjoy!

  5. Seams like a good magazine just like me simple :)

  6. I'd heard a lot about The Simple Things but hadn't actually got round to reading a copy. The other half rectified that thought and popped a copy in my stocking - it's fab! I'm seriously considering a subscription now :-) xx


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