Twenty Two

2nd December- Snowflake Cookie

Happy 2nd day of Advent. I am yet to properly focus on Christmas yet- but once this week of work is out of the way, Friday will arrive and I can get in full Christmas spirit with my best Suzanne.

Oh my goodness lovelies! Twenty Two days until the big day- How prepared are you? Have you all found your Christmas spirit? 


  1. I am fully prepared! Christmas tree is up and I practically finished my xmas shopping, yoohoo! Cannot wait to go back home and see my family. Happy december Charlotte <3

  2. I think I have far too much Christmas spirit! All shopping and wrapping done, tree and decs up, and a super Christmassy weekend planned: Winter Wonderland and Edward Scissorhands ballet on Friday, then Harry Potter Studio Tour on Sunday! :) happy happy December

  3. So not prepared! But it's okay because I am going to spend Christmas in Australia! x


*Forever Love*