25th December

So it seems I have focused on the new year but forgot to write about Christmas. Oops.

Christmas 2014 was not like other Christmases. There was no Sebastian, no (not-so-little) brother. It was different. But actually it was a good different. So Sebastian and I Facetime-ed a couple of times, me and my older brother, who I mentioned before hadn't spoken to my father for nearly 6 years, went to my papa's on Christmas Eve with his lady and two adorable pups. We stayed until the morning of Boxing Day and it was one of the loveliest Christmases ever.
I woke up early Christmas morning to a 'Merry Christmas', a cup of tea and a bundle by the two energetic pups. Shortly I had a call from Sebastian urging me to open up my stocking, opening up my gifts delicately and trying to wake from my sleepy slumber I felt a little sad. I missed opening my stocking without him.
The moment I jumped out of bed and showered and dressed I felt much more excited. After a delicious bacon and fresh egg roll and some sips of bucks fizz I felt ready for the day.
Papa, his lady Leanne, Brother Kevan and his lady Amy and I piled into the cosy lounge around the twinkly tree and opened some gifts from each other and our loved ones.
After opening a plethora of wonderful, thoughtful, pretty gifts Papa, Kevan and I decided to go for a long walk with the excitable pups and brush away the cobwebs.
Well I was finding it hard to keep up with these daily dog walkers! Not dressed for the occasion I found myself diving in and out of the firing line of the pups whilst they covered themselves in mud and river water and then deemed to shake it all off.
While my camel coloured coat suffered, it did amuse me so. The cute little pups were loving it so much.
Sometimes I found myself dropping behind father and brother and just took the whole thing in. The fact of those two not talking for whatever reasons was the one thing I felt deeply sad about. It was upsetting and I was constantly worried they may never be friends. The day I found out they were friends again I shed a few tears and let out a huge sigh of relief.
That was the day that I finally realised my life was great and Christmas Day was a very reminder of that.
Later that day, after a delightful dinner, spilt gravy and some other accidental mishaps, Sebastian and I had a Facetime chat. after our lovely chat I went back to my family and we watched The Jungle Book, National Lampoons and nibbled on chocolates whilst taking turns in having pup snuggles.
We left early on Boxing Day morning as Kevan and Amy had Christmas number two with her family. I bumbled in my front door feeling slight deflated- Christmas felt over already.
I was greeted with an excitable Sebastian and we showed each other our gifts before opening the remainder that sit underneath our tree. I was a very lucky girl indeed. Beautiful gifts included Jo Malone cologne, sparkly and pastel nail polishes, beautiful Olivia Burton watch, soft polka dot socks, figgy pudding pyjamas, Laudrée macarons and Marie Antoinette tea, Taylor Swift cd, Frankie 2015 diary, pretty dress and more pretty gifts.
In the afternoon on Boxing Day, I put on my beautiful new dress and Sebastian and I visited his mother and then after my sister. My sister's house was filled with family members. Most of my brothers and sisters and their children were there fighting for sausage rolls and the littles fought for attention. I love them all. It was crazy hectic and reminded me of the days when we were all little and visited our cousins on Boxing Day. That moment I realised that this was what Boxing Day was for. Family. After some present opening by the littles, some pringle eating and grown up chats, Sebastian and I left.
The next two days were filled with too much chocolate, James Bond films and Gotham watching. Brief browse of the sales, quick grocery shopping, Pyjama wearing, tea sipping, nail painting, Elf watching (finally- but I fell asleep half way through!), blogging, snuggling, more chocolate eating and just generally cosy, comfy moments.
How was your Christmas? I hope it was magical!


  1. It looks like a lovely day. Happy New Year too.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. 1989 was my album of 2014 and I don't care who knows ;) happy new year!

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, I watched the Jungle Book on Christmas Day too!! Love that film. xx
    This Routine

  4. This sounds like the loveliest christmas! And your presents are so lovely <3 I did have a super nice christmas too, back in France with my family :) See you soon! xx

  5. I am IN LOVE with your blog!! It is so so so cute! And you take beautiful pictures!! It looks like you had an amazing christmas! I can't wait to read more from you in the new year!!

  6. looks like you've had a brill christmas :) those macaroons look yummy too! Boxing day was a busy one and my family, i spend the morning looking in the sales with my sister to find i never come home with much. (Ive realised i like the sales after boxing day) but we do this to get out the way of mum and dad whilst they prepare the food and house for the yearly family party :) which i love seeing them all, listening to old stories and making new ones.....but i have to say I find the days spent in my onsie eating the left over christmas chocolates the best.

  7. It looks like you had the loveliest Christmas! <3 xo

  8. Great pics, great Christmas! Love your Figgy Pudding pajamas!

  9. Sounds like you had a really wonderful Christmas! This was such a lovely post to read :) Your new watch is stunning!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  10. Looks like a gorgeously cosy christmas!! Happy New Year! Katie x

  11. It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas after all. It can be so hard to be away from your other half at Christmas but it's so fantastic when you are back together again. I am loving that nail colour by the way, it's gorgeous!

    xx Sam,


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