On Saturday during the day Sebastian and I decided to move our furniture around in the lounge. It's not quite finished so we'll talk more about that when it's all done.

In the evening my beautiful bestest took me to a lovely Japanese restaurant in town. It was amazing! I had the Katsu curry and the chicken was just pure perfection, To start we had some Edamame beans and chilli squid which to be perfectly honest with you was the best squid I have ever eaten. Ever.
The best part about going to this Japanese restaurant as opposed to going to Wagamama (which we both love) is that it's the real deal. Beautifully crafted wooden chopsticks, soya sauce served in a miniature teapot, pretty patterned Japanese tea sets and cute bowls of miso soup. 
The one fairly peculiar thing however, was that our table was in a 'booth', but by booth I mean it was like a private room for two with a sliding door included. It was bizarre... and hilarious. The waitress kept shutting the door to give us privacy and so when we had finished our delicious meals and beans we thought we had been forgotten about. We slid the door open and every single one of the customers just looked at us strangely... it was like we had been in there for so long and they didn't even know! It felt naughty and humorous.
After giggling all the way down the high street we popped into McDonalds for a cheeky Mcflurry whirled with crushed smarties and ambled back to mine. Whilst nibbling our ice creams we talked about life and love and adventures including thoughts and ideas of tattoos and trips. We put my favourite film on; 'What If' and we snuggled into my new cushions in my newly re-arranged lounge and just felt all the love for Daniel Radcliffe and how oddly gorgeous he is.
Once the film was finished, Sebastian came home and stole the television for some game playing. Suz and I giggled over Pinterest quotes and pins, got excited about potential tattoos and talked about the world's most photographed clocks... We are weird and I like it this way.

It was a lovely Saturday evening and I needed some Bestie time. It was long overdue. I think we may have found ourselves a new haunt... just maybe not in a private booth next time. Ha.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful evening, the katsu curry looks so soo yummy! x

  2. Evenings with my bestie are always my fave. This is definitely something I need to do more often this year! Looks like you had a cute evening. :)

  3. Love a good Katsu curry.

    Katie xoxo

  4. Love the sound of the restaurant! & glad I'm not the only one who thinks that about Daniel Radcliffe :') xx

  5. I love Japanese food:) BFF and Japanese food - great! :)
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