Five Happy Things

This week bought us a new year. Unfortunately I had to work either side of it which is probably why I have finally caught the office cold/flu virus... I feel run down and tired. I am currently spending this weekend feeling sorry for myself and snuggled up on the sofa watching films and sipping Lemsip. Five of my favourite things this week...
1.  Chocolate coins. I am down to my last net of coins. This hurts me slightly because I love them so much. This is one of the reasons Christmas is so special-- Chocolate coins are in season. Oh but not just any chocolate coins... M&S chocolate coins. YUM.

2.  Friendship. I have only a small handful of special friends and that is all I really need now. But this week our neighbours moved house- they were neighbours for a long time and they soon became our friends. Yes they've moved but we will make every effort to stay in contact. These two are my favourite couple and I am so gutted they have moved away but so grateful to have them move here in the first place!

3.  New Year resolutions. Having made some pretty good resolutions last year made me realise how far I have come in the last twelve months. I stuck to them all and I am so proud of myself for doing so. Life can get pretty hard but it is the challenges and the mistakes that make us grow and get stronger.

4.  Making plans. A new year always brings a fresh outlook and the need for change. Sebastian and I have decided to make more of an effort around the house. We intend to stay here until we can make the step to buy so we decided that we should really make this place our own. I cannot wait to show you the results.

5.  Rain. I have secretly wished for rain ever since my yellow mac arrived... but now it's currently raining and I'm so ill to even move. This aside, I do love being indoors snuggled up underneath my blanket with the candles flickering with a film on whilst it rains heavily on the window pain.


  1. I absolutely love the sound of rain.
    Get well soon! xxx

  2. I hope you feel better soon - I quite like the smell of rain too.

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. I didn't even get any chocolate coins this year! Now that, that is pain haha! xxx

  4. Ahh I dream of owning a yellow mac, maybe one day I will own one. x

  5. Feel better soon.
    I agree with you though, the rain. I have an attic space so love the sound of the rain against the roof and window. Especially when I sleep, something soothing about it.

    Rebekah |

  6. I love the rain. Feel better soon!

  7. I'm following your blog since a week or two, and I've never commented, though I like your posts so much. Anyway I'm putting my shyness aside to wish you a Happy New Year, and that you get better soon. In the meanwhile I hope you are being spoiled by your loved ones! X

    I wish it rained...

  8. Chocolate coins are my absolute favourite too and I ran out of mine the day after Christmas :(


*Forever Love*