Five Happy Things

This week has been tough. I have strangely felt very hormonal (sorry Sebastian) for no reasons at all. On some days I have felt like I couldn't control it and I hated myself for being so stressed and frustrated. So much for a relaxed weekend! Anyway, things are starting to look up. On to happier things...
1.  Snow. Yes that's right. Snow. We finally got a few flurries of snow this week. The ground was far too wet to settle, however seeing those big snowflakes land upon my woolen coat filled with me utmost joy.

2.  Retail therapy. Saving for a wedding can be quite hard and (somewhat) fairly miserable. So along with my Christmas money (I stopped saving for a moment), I spent some well earned pennies on some well deserved things for myself. Including bug blouses, copper baskets, big tees and shirt dresses.

3.  January sunshine. There is nothing better than the January morning sunshine creeping into the lounge and lighting up a whole room. That's a guarantee to set you up for a good day (Especially when it's icy cold outdoors)!

4.  Stereo Kicks.  I did have a small soft spot for these when they were on XFactor but hearing them sing Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' is just kind of wonderful.

5.  Sunday morning Fry-up. Oh my, it has been a LONG time since I have had one of these and boy did it taste good. I forget how delicious eggs and bacon are. YUM.


  1. I was so excited when it snowed, but equally as excited with the sunshine. I think I'm ready for spring now! Lovely post :)

  2. I love January sunshine as well. It makes the cold just a bit more bearable. I've also noticed the nights getting lighter which is lovely! xx

  3. Some lovely happy things! :) x

  4. Snow fell overnight for us and we woke up to see a winter wonderland in our garden!

    We all need to treat ourselves once in awhile to some retail therapy :) x


*Forever Love*