Motivational Monday #14

this is such a crazy thought, and so true.

Lately I have been getting wound up over the silliest of things; spilt tea, wonky messy eyeliner, running late. I get so worked up and stressed that it in fact makes it all worse and I just want to cry. 

"So you've spilt your tea, you've got wonky liner, you're late... why let it get to you now"?? What's done is done, accept it now and move on. 
I need to learn to turn a situation around and not let it effect me, perhaps even laugh at myself for being so ridiculously clumsy for spilling the tea all over the coffee table or for being SO bad at not being able to concentrate on putting my make up on whilst Taylor Swift sings out of my phone.

Have a happy day guys!


  1. I completely agree with this statement. It's definitely something I need to work on, I think I might even print this out to stick on my fridge for positive motivation!

  2. I agree, having a positive attitude can change so much.

  3. I'm working on this at the minute too - it's so easy to get caught up in life's little dramas though!

  4. I agree with this completely! I let myself get stressed about coursework, only to find the next week I was on top of everything and it was fine :) I need to remind myself of this when I find myself getting worked up about silly things :)

  5. Totally agree with this quote! Attitude is everything! Stay positive, smile and the world will smile back at you


*Forever Love*