The Perfect Weekend

My perfect weekend would be to wake up at around 9am and then snuggle into Sebastian (oh and with new crisp bedsheets). This will go on until I really can't hold my pee in any longer.
We skip downstairs and make our breakfast (and by we I mean Sebastian makes the Porridge and I'll make the tea and coffee! and wait patiently for it!!!).
My perfect porridge would be a generous helping of squeezy honey, sliced bananas, sprinkle of blueberries (& edible glitter) and some chopped nuts. Close second is Sebastian's AMAZING treat porridge which is his homemade Salted Caramel sauce, bananas and chopped nuts... Or as I would like to call it 'The Weekend Banoffee Porridge'.
After my hunger is fueled, I jump in the shower and get ready. I like to catch up with a few vlogs on YouTube whilst I do my make up (this is kind of my ritual!).
We head into town to buy our grocery shopping, a couple of birthday cards from M&S and perhaps a few other items (see amazing H&M shirt dress below... Oh of course I purchased it!). We amble around town and eye up the home wares department in Debenhams before getting ourselves a coffee from Nero's or Starbucks.
We stay chatting about the Wedding or exciting future plans or our meal schedule this coming week whilst sipping our lattes and Americano's. I like to people watch too... It's one of my guilty pleasures... except one time there was a fight that happened right in front of where I was perched... quite unpleasant.

Once our cups are empty, off we go with our empty recycling bags to a few supermarkets (Lidl being my favourite--- the fruit and veg in there are just perfect!).
We take the ten minute walk home and sort the shopping out before flicking the kettle on and settling down with a film. The winter months are my favourites to stay in and snuggle up with a film because the night grows quickly and it's the perfect excuse for having the fairy lights on and the candles lit.
Our go-to weekend films are James Bond, The Hunger Games or a superhero film... My ideal 'weekend alone' film would be a Disney and something like Harry Potter, The Secret Garden or What If.
The film finishes (at the same time as the washing machine does) and we depart the lounge. Sebastian would put the dinner on (weekend dinner of choice would be homemade Spaghetti Bolognese or baked sweet potato and Heinz five beans) and I would hang the washing on the airer.
We would normally eat our dinner with another film or catch up on our favourite series (ie. Gotham, The Walking Dead, Arrow etc).

Sundays are similar but more chilled out, a bit of cleaning, more washing and tidying (on my part). Sebastian would play a little bit of Playstation and I may nap alongside him or schedule some blog posts for the week, I would shower but almost immediately get into some clean pyjamas- hey that's what Sundays are for!!! We would watch a film and make super tasty sandwiches for our lunch.

What is your Perfect Winter Weekend?


  1. That sounds pretty divine to me! Mine would be along similar lines, but instead of shopping probably venturing to a food market or cafe on the sunday for some brunch and definitely doing some baking or sewing whilst the playstation is on. I gained a lot of spare time before GTA was finished just after Christmas haha! x

  2. The Weekend Banoffee Porridge just sounds wonderful! Lovely post.

    Beccy || Bluebell & Bumpkin

  3. Sounds beautiful - my dream weekend would be just a lazy few days in bed.

    Lizzie Dripping

  4. I have to say that porridge looks really really go...I think your boyfriend has found his calling in life!! ;)

  5. Sounds amazing! Perfect in every way. <3

  6. That does indeed sound like the perfect weekend! I must admit that I've never been much of a fan of porridge but your recent Instagrams are making me want to change my mind!


  7. Sounds perfect! I love staying in and snuggling in the cold weather!

  8. This really sounds like the perfect weekend! I love slow mornings, porridge breakfasts, pottering about town and movie nights :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  9. I love this post Charlotte, that sounds like the most perfect weekend. I'm loving your rabbit dressing gown too, the pattern is so cute x

  10. Lovely post, I love seeing what people get up to on the weekend! That banoffe porrige looks amazing!

  11. Such a lovely post! Your blog always brightens my day!:)

  12. I have breakfast envy. I think I need to spice up my porridge. Your weekend sounds like my perfect weekend too. With edible glitter.

  13. Looks perfect indeed! My favourite winter weekend looks like this: playing video games with my girlfriend!

  14. This indeed sounds like a perfect weekend! Plus I always envy your so-yummy-looking porridge. Your boyfriend should publish a recipe book :)
    My perfect weekend would start with a nice lie-in + breakfast in bed with granola, or croissant, or pancakes. I'm not fussy. With a nice earl grey tea or a flat white. Oh and some flowers too. :-D
    For the rest, I would say that the day should involve a delicious lunch and dinner (did I mention my love for food?), a visit to a museum, a teeny tiny bit of shopping (in a place that wouldn't be crowded), maybe go to a market, and go to the cinema. C'est tout :)

  15. This is such a great post! My perfect weekend would be to wake up relatively early, and have a big breakfast of usually fruit and some pancakes. Then ill get ready and go out with my sister, we usually go out shopping or will grab a bite to eat. Then I like to go out for dinner and catch a movie with my family when night time roles around! :)

    xx fawnchic


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