Just a Cup of Tea...

 ...and a sick-off-day breakfast of peanut butter on toast with sliced banana.
...and a bowl of yummy weekday porridge with sprinkles of blueberries, chocolate chips and mixed nuts.
...(no tea) but a caramel latte and a bar of Italian milk chocolate for afternoon catch ups.
...and a bowl of Sebastian's porridge with a generous drizzle of blossom honey and a handful of blueberries.
...and a bar of dairy milk chocolate for a rushed, naughty, delicious weekday breakfast.


  1. I hope you feel better soon and we've all had chocolate for breakfast in the past :)

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. Your posts always make me want to eat porridge and i still haven't got around to making any. I must try harder! x

  3. This is such a creative but simple post. Love the idea! I hope you're feeling better soon (all that porridge will help, I'm sure!).
    Beth x

  4. Chocolate for breakfast, I love it. Hope your better!

  5. love the last porridge :)

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    little taste of heaven

  6. This is such a gorgeous post! Hope you feel better soon xx

  7. Such a hearty breakfast! Get well soon! Although an excuse to stay in bed is always a little bit fun :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  8. This is such a cute post! Love all the foodie pictures :) Hope you feel better soon!

  9. Peanut butter and banana toast is my favorite! Even better, kick it up a notch with some naughty Nutella hehe. Which reminds me, I need to get myself some bread soon. Hope you'll feel better soon!

    becky ♡ star violet

  10. Ugh your blog and Instagram are always full of delicious looking food! It makes me hungry just scrolling through haha


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