Life Lately

Life lately has been pretty hard. and fun. and strange. and hard. and I like to think I have come out smiling.
Life lately at work has been a little horrible, stressful and upsetting. There are going to be alot of changes which is actually a blessing in disguise because it has prompted me to make some of my own changes. And this excites me so.
It has also made me realise that I am in fact a fighter. "We'll show them!". 
I have also come to realise that I am a people pleaser and that doesn't always seem to work out in my favour. I try and make things work, I agree to meet for cake with people to show that I'm adult and actually I didn't need to do that.
Life is for living and not for pretending. I am doing that from now. February is my new chapter- the beginning of the year for me and I'm going to own it.
In other news... I have nibbled on Kale Scramble with sourdough toast and sipped on lattes at marble top tables at a lovely place called KITCH in Canterbury. I have eaten accidental Elephant shaped bread at Papa's house (which in fact was the highlight of my week!!!). I had a Turkey roast with Sebastian and Papa before having to be nil by mouth the following day. No tea, no porridge, nothing!
The following day (Monday), called for a wee adventure to the hospital. I had a little non-serious operation and had to have general anaesthetic for the procedure. This was scary at first as I'm such a healthy kid- avoid the doctors, rarely have my bloods taken, I'd rather let time heal than take medication! But this was needed and I made Sebastian stay with me.
It was such a bizarre feeling but it was all done and dusted rather quickly. I had a snooze, was excited to eat the hospital food (13 hours without even a tea was pretty hard for me!) and I was the 'Perfect Patient'.
Sebastian and I got home and into our PJs. We had chips, chocolate and cola whilst watching a film snuggled (kind of) on the sofa. It was such a lovely way to finish a very weird day.
Today has been Pyjamas, tea, catching up on CBB, watching 'The Back Up Plan' and other girly feel-good films. Watching the snow fall outside and it get washed away with raindrops. Homemade sausage roll eating and sofa snuggles with pig. Pins and Needles and achy wounds, phone calls from loved ones and peanut butter and banana on toast (Thanks Alice!).

How is your life lately?


  1. Hi charlotte, glad your feeling more positive and a little better! I love you elephant toes bread :) and kale sandwich, how was it? I haven't tried kale before.... not to sure why either as i have salad nearly every day for dinner.....x

  2. Hope you recover soon Charlotte! That kale scramble looks amazing - definitely will be trying it for brunch at the weekend!
    Beth x

  3. 'Life is for living and not for pretending' - an excellent quote, good on you girl! x

  4. That elephant bread is fab! So pleased you're beginning to feel more positive and I hope everything works out for you x

    What Rachael Wrote

  5. I love the fact that February is a month for fighting - I'll have to try and remember that.

    Lizzie Dripping

  6. Haha, love the elephant bread! Isn't it a weird sense of happiness when you discover silly little things like that? :)

    Laura | elelibee

  7. What a lovely post! I'm glad your operation went well! I'm such a people pleaser too, which makes it hard for me to put myself first a lot of the time-something I need to learn to do more of. I love the elephant bread! Have a lovely month :)

  8. Glad your surgery went ok - I had surgery for the first time last year and was really worried about the anaesthetic too - such a weird thing in the end. Since my surgery were removing 3 teeth I couldn't really eat after though!

  9. Hope you're feeling much better after the surgery!

  10. Fell better soon beautiful girl! Do you know what? I'm really rubbish at making my own changes sometimes, you know the kind of ones that you know will change your day to day or what you are used to? I'm not sure why but i've never been good at that kind of thing. i'm always the kind of person who needs a bit of a shove. Sometimes things 'shove' you in the right direction without you expecting them or thinking that you want them to. Equally sometimes they force you to realise that you're not as happy as you should or could be.

    Sometimes things happen for a reason - and I like to think that it's okay to let the universe call the shots once in a while ;)

    Sending get well love and sunbeams xxxxx


*Forever Love*