Life Lately

I must admit life is going a little great lately. Sometimes all it takes is a quiet Sunday morning alone sipping tea and eating Marmite & buttered toast by the window. Sometimes it's a fresh bunch of soft pastel pink tulips. Sometimes it's a clean and tidy house.
Lately, getting some girl time in has really helped my little fractured heart and has reminded me of all those beautiful loved ones that I do have in my life. There has been a lush Pizza date with all my gals, a breakfast meet of American pancakes with salty bacon and sweet maple syrup with my beautiful Best, Suz and a couple of special plans for meet ups with some pretties.
Weekends filled with Porridge and chunky knit jumpers are my absolute favourites. I just wish I could spend EVERY day like this! One day I will- I shall make it my mission!!! 
I also enjoy some Sebastian time whether it's coffee dates, a little Playstation playing and film snuggles under the blanket on the sofa.
I hope you have all had a brilliant week and have some lovely weekend plans ahead?


  1. Another lovely post :)
    I'm also a huge fan of tulips at the moment, they prematurely bring spring into the house - it's great isn't it?!
    I'm spending the weekend researching and revising for a big interview next week, so not all that exciting!

  2. Tulips .....that's what's missing to perk up my days! As soon as the snow clears I'll be off to town to fetch a bunch! Thx for the inspiration! xo

  3. Lovely post- those tulips are gorgeous!

  4. Your flowers are lovely! I'm glad that you've had a great week, you definitely deserve it! This weekend I'll probably just be home working on my schoolwork. I'm going to make time for tea and books/movies though!

  5. Beautiful photos! It's so good to have some time for yourself once in a while x

  6. I feel the same way - when life has been knocking the wind out of my sails a bit, I really appreciate how important it is to have friends who can remind me how little it actually takes to be happy - if you have good company, you can make happiness happen.

  7. You've just inspired me to go out and buy some lovely tulips. Love the look of your porrdige too, yum!

  8. I love your pictures, there so ethereal =]

  9. Food and friends makes for a very happy day:) hope you have a great week! xx


*Forever Love*