Motivational Monday #17


I have spoken, written, thought about this one particular situation in my life... for a LONG time. But today is the last time I do.

I had a friendship that wasn't really natural at first and then it just kind of worked and seemed to have lasted quite a while. Sometimes I think this was due to chapters going in the same direction and so the friendship just carried on with it. I wonder, if they decided to study elsewhere what our friendship would be like. In all honesty I think it would have faded because I do just believe it was the timing. Sometimes friendships go that way. I mean, nowadays it's like we can be friends with whoever we want- we meet people online everyday, people who have similar interests in everything! But back in the schooldays when we had no phones or limited internet you fell into friendships with your peers. I mean you saw them nearly every day. It was great. It was easy.

Sometimes half of the friendship matures quicker than the other, not just in personality but in life. Which isn't always an issue but it makes it hard for the other half to understand certain situations because they can't empathise.
It is purely natural to grow apart because we individually grow up and change... and that is fine, because that is life. 

But sometimes friendships can go sour. I have been mature enough to brush things off, I decided to focus on life and loved ones. I was also mature enough to organise an afternoon coffee to address my worries after a few things happened online and I had let it upset me.
Unfortunately when this happened the things I had been worrying over appeared to be true and I felt a little heartbroken. I knew we had been drifting apart which I had long accepted but this new information shadowed all that and I still today remain bitter and upset about that. Throughout this whole process I believe that I have successfully remained mature and civilised. Unfortunately I can't say the same about the other party. 
But as this quote says, you can't change someone who doesn't see what the real issue is... and I suppose love can be blinding. Which I can totally accept- however the love I have for MY best friends is pretty strong and powerful and I cannot see how you could ever let a guy come between you. But everyone is different... and every friendship is different. Some are long lasting and some just aren't.

Anyway, my point of this post... It is a hard decision to make, ending a friendship. It's just like ending a relationship I suppose, possibly even harder. But sometimes you have to think about yourself and how much your loved ones make you feel compared to these others... you are worth every bit of happiness and kindess, you have to surround yourself with that. 
Being around negativity just isn't something I am willing to accept anymore. 2015 has alot to offer me and I really need to start to focus on that now.