As a child I always wanted to wear glasses... until the day I got them ofcourse. I had my first pair for ages- they were a thin, silver-lilac framed rectangle number. At the time they were amazing, but seeing as I only need to wear glasses for computer work or the television I didn't need regular check ups... so I ended up having that pair for a looong time.
Since being an actual grown up I have had the pleasure of choosing my own glasses and only recently realising that actually I CAN have more than one pair and change it up depending on my outfit!
I was lucky to receive a pair of these beautiful London Retro glasses from Glasses Direct* c/o of the lovely folks at MyOptique. I chose the Mason pair because they were a little larger than my current pair and slightly rounder at the bottom. I decided on the 'Dark Havana' shade as I think the black would be too harsh on my face. The tortoiseshell is quite a dark shade but I absolutely love it! It goes with all of my blouses and jumpers (insert ok hand sign emoji!).
To help me choose these I decided I needed to physically try some on before committing to any of them... and I am just too darn picky. I used their Free 7 day Home Trial service which helped SO much. I initially had my eye on another pair which definitely didn't suit my face shape so using this trial was SUCH a good idea and I highly recommend it. You can order up to four pairs of glasses to try each time and they are delivered in a slimline box- letterbox friendly!

I will definitely be getting another pair from Glasses Direct, and not just wait until my prescription changes (ever so slightly at that!). I really love the idea of glasses being an accessory and not just a tool.


  1. You definitely have a face for glasses! They really suit you! I had glasses as a child and got contact lenses as soon as I was old enough because glasses really didn't suit me!

  2. those glasses are adorable! i guess i'm lucky to have good vision but sometimes i wish i could pull the spectacle look off too :P x

    Natalie / Salt & Sail

  3. I love these glasses! I switch between glasses and contact lenses and totally agree that they can be accessories- a whole outfit looks different when I wear my glasses!

  4. These are so cute on you!!

  5. Those glasses are gorgeous! I always plan to invest in a thick-framed pair, but I chicken out and go with my old reliable half-framed rectangles... I'll definitely be trying out that free trial next time I need a new pair!
    Beth x

  6. You look lovely!

  7. You look adorable =]

  8. The glasses look great - Alan has two pairs; black and blue so they go with everything.

    Lizzie Dripping

  9. They certainly suit you well! What a nice gift to receive! :)


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