You & Me

Sebastian and I spent Saturday in almost the usual fashion. We woke up naturally and our tummies rumbled in unison- they called out for Porridge. 
Sebastian made a super special Valentines breakfast- 'Love Porridge'. He sprinkled my bowl with glitter and teeny tiny edible heart sequins, topped with chocolate drops and a fancy heart shaped truffle. It sounds rather special... but there's more! Underneath all this gorgeousness was a surprise helping of Nutella! It was glorious!!
We sat on the sofa sipping our tea and coffee and exchanged cards. I do love receiving cards, almost as much as I love giving cards. The card above is what I gave to Sebastian. I always find it hard to find the right card for Valentines. Buying a V day card for a guy becomes tricky for me as they all seem to be too soppy or too red/pink/sparkly, so when I found this one by Nancy & Betty, I won the jackpot- Chargoal grey and copper accents- perfect!
We both got ready and went for a stroll into town. We found a small table for two at the side of the coffee shop and enjoyed a quiet date. I had a hazelnut hot chocolate with cream and chocolate chips and Sebastian had the caramelatte (he was too jealous of mine last time!). We shared a piece of bright red velvet cake as it seemed fitting for the occasion.
On our way home we spotted the cute Book Stop I mentioned in a previous post. I am so proud of things like this appearing in my town. It is slowly getting better and improving. I love the snippets of creativity- I just need to get in on that!
We finished our day with some chill time and chats and a delicious meal of steak and chips. We had a starter of Camembert and tomato tartlets and a sparkly chocolate dessert of my dreams all washed down with a glass or two of rosé bubbles- Fancy. The last time we had a romantic meal like this was when the beautiful one proposed on Christmas Eve back in 2011! 
This was followed by an hour of Playstation (I know- how kind of me!) and a film. It was a mixture of romance, normality and a bit of wonderful. Next year we'll be Mr and Mrs!!

Did you have a wonderful day?


  1. That porridge looks amazing!!

  2. aw, sounds like a lovely, relaxing day! The cafe nero caramelatte is to DIE for!

  3. Happy Late Valentine's Day - I'm glad you had a good day.

    Lizzie Dripping

  4. Sounds like a perfect day! The porridge looks delicious :)

  5. It looks like you have a great day! xxx


  6. Love the Book Stop idea!!! :)


*Forever Love*