A Weekend at Wychwood Cottage

A few weekends ago I hopped on a double decker bus to the countryside. I had a day planned of going through childhood things, clearing out and reminiscing at Mother's cottage.
It was a freezing day outside in the top of the garage going through boxes and boxes of 'junk' and treasure but I grabbed my ten year old nephew to keep me company. We found my younger brother's pokemon pogs and he was in his element!
My mother is in the middle of selling our family home and it is sad to have to go through all our old things to 'chuck or keep' because of this reason. Nevertheless, it had to be done. I didn't quite realise how much of a hoarding teenager I was! I guess I felt I couldn't throw anything away. Well I am happy I don't feel the same way now... we don't count stationery, letters and magazines right?!!
I found trinkets, childhood story books, pastel coloured Polly Pockets, old love letters, a vintage beatrix potter tin, thank you cards from infant-school teachers, best friend charms and a box of brightly coloured scribbles artwork from playshool and such. Mother also found the most adorable babygrow with a tiny embroidered Pierrot clown face which I wore as a baby TTDER.
After a long day of getting distracted, pulling my back and filling about twenty bin bags of junk I decided to stay the night- in my old room (now my mother's) for old time sake!
The following day I got up, showered and filled another couple of bin bags, had buttery marmalade on toast with a mug of tea and chatted with my nephews about school, upcoming exams (can't quite face the fact my Nephew Jack is nearly 16!) and Night at the Museum.
My sister, Terri and I got our boots on and adventured to Canterbury for a day of coffee and clothes shopping (for her not me!).
We had lunch at KITCH... again. Yes, I am beginning to love that place. This time I had poached eggs on sourdough toast and it was ridiculously good. But for the second time, I wanted the pancakes but opted for eggs. Next time!!!
After chats about the Wedding, Nephew Tyler's birthday and our full tummies we finished our coffee's and went in search for birthday gifts and blouses.
After a crazy long jampacked weekend I was quite looking forward to going home to my bed and snuggles with Sebastian. It feels a little emotional to think about saying goodbye to the cottage- there has been some pretty amazing fun at that place! Still, we have a little time left and I will be sure to make the most of that before my parents sell it. In the mean time I will take in the beautiful bouncing lambs in the fields across the road, pretty woodland walks that loop back to the cottage, pastel blooms in the back garden, blossom on the front lawn tree and mother's crazy chickens clucking and cooing at you as you walk past.
We take so many wonderful things for granted as children... and as adults. Well, we should start sorting our priorities out because there is such beauty around us and we are missing it!
^^^Mother's fluffball kitty, Trixie-Lu is the most gorgeous thing on the planet!


  1. Ohh, the picture of the cat is so funny x

  2. Oh I'm not looking forward to sorting out my stuff at home. I can imagine how you got so distracted!

    Your mum looks so young!

    Saskia / girlinbrogues.com

    1. SO many treasures to find though!
      This isn't my mother pictures- it's one of my sister's.


  3. Love your cat, he is so cute. Remind me of mine :)
    Love going through all your old school things etc, I am such a hoarder too.
    Kirsty x

  4. I'm so envious of your big family and hoards of lovely siblings to go for tea with. :)

    1. I am lucky! Though I'm sure I take it for granted sometimes.

  5. Omg gorgeous kitty =]


  6. I bet it's a gorgeous place to have grown up in! I live in the countryside but we're currently in the depths of house developments going up just beyond our garden. You only appreciate your childhood home once your grown up! :(

    I hope you're able to make the most of the time you have left there :)



  7. Beautiful pictures. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend at home. Although it's sad, it will bring back so many happy memories and you can have lots of fun reminiscing too. You will probably have found some beautiful forgotten treasures too. I was and still am such a hoarder, so I don't know what I will do when my mum and dad sell our family home! Lianne x

  8. Such a lovely post- I love going through old things from my childhood and finding random junk that meant so much to me at the time!


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