Five Happy Things

I couldn't have scripted a week like I have had. Work has been terribly demanding, which sometimes isn't a bad thing, but you know when you really want to finish a job instead of having ten on the go?!! I have been kept busy to say the least. There have been some happy times though.
1.  Wedding. With under four months away my wedding brain has finally switched back on and I am full speed ahead. Half of my bridesmaids and mother came over for soup on Monday and we started plans for a bridal shower, we talked shoes, hair and the girls tried their dresses on.

2.  Giggles. So I mentioned work was manic. Well there were times when our sides hurt too much from laughing and the girls and I went a little bit crazy and starting singing, drinking fizzy pop and generally making light of some silly situations. This was mandatory with the things that were thrown at us this week.

3.  Springtime Sunshine. Well this is welcomed with open arms! It has been a little chilly some mornings but with that big ball of fire shining down and upon my pink cheeks I have felt a billion times better. I cannot wait to eat ice cream outdoors!

4.  Lykke Li. This and the Springtime Sunshine is just pure heaven on a plate. Journeys to work listening to this beauty with the sun on my face has made the squealing nursery children and loud mouthed teens WAY more bearable.

5.  Adventures. To me, adventures start the moment you step outside the front door. I love the miniature adventures to small nearby towns with Sebastian. We have coffee, we have cake, we eat posh fish finger sandwiches, we find pretty shops, we browse, we find treasure. These mini adventures are the cutest.


  1. Under four months!!! Eeeeek!! I so cannot wait to see photos of your wonderful wedding. It is just going to be so incredibly beautiful. Also, i'm so happy that the sun is starting to show and the days are getting longer, it makes such a big difference to my day and mood. xx

  2. I love adventures too, it's so nice when you find hidden places when you go for a long walk!


  3. I've been loving the sunshine we've been having recently too, and mini adventures are just the best!

  4. hooray for lykke li and adventures! they're two things perfect for warmer spring weather:-) (although you can do them at any other time as well, haha.) and the wedding plans sound exciting as well! x

  5. Mini adventuring sounds like a perfect springtime plan!

  6. There was one time a few years ago when my friend and I had a huge presentation we needed to do (we each had our own one). We had started early enough in advance, but both decided to remake our presentations the night before. It was a long night for both of us. When we got to school the next day we were hysterical. But the good kind. If possible haha. It seemed like everything made us laugh that day. Surprisingly and thankfully, both of us managed to pull off our presentations with success :) That day was definitely one of our more memorable moments. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  7. Lovely post =]


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