Five Happy Things

This week has been a mixture of happy smiles, moody grumps, long days, tired eyes, girly dates, cold toes, a longing for alone time, an organised Saturday morning, the wrong sweets and cravings for chocolate.
On to more promising things...
1.  Flowers. When Sebastian brings me home small bunches of flowers it makes my girly heart skip. I do love his sweet gestures and they are truly appreciated. This week he bought me coral sweetheart roses.

2.  Wedding plans. Oh it is all coming together now. We have rescheduled our venue visit, drafted our invitations, received our marriage ceremony choices booklet, started our Wedding playlist, chosen our important songs and booked our honeymoon!

3.  Baby talk. These conversations happen frequently in the office and it always excites the maternal in me. I get so broody at times and my emotions, hormones and thoughts are most definitely ready for this.

4.  Breakfast toast. You know the kind when you leave the toast to cool before covering it with butter and a little Marmite and then washing it down with orangey-hued tea? Yes that. THE best kind!

5.  H&M. So nearly on a daily basis I trawl through this website and flick through the free catalogue. I am obsessed. ALL the homeware- Amazing! Shirts and blouses, men's t shirts, floppy hats and oversized jumpers- Perfect! I need to stop until at least after the wedding... because this addiction is going to get worse.


  1. Lovely post- I love getting flowers, my mum recently bought me some pink tulips and it brightened my whole day :)

  2. The wedding plans must be getting exciting.

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. That food container looks so cute! Happy to hear you wedding planning is coming together :) xx

  4. PERFECT breakfast described right there!! Hope your wedding plans are going swimmingly! Katie x

  5. Omg i love that panda lunch box =] its so cute.

  6. Flowers, toast and H&M are always guaranteed to make me happy too :) You must be getting so excited for your wedding!


*Forever Love*