Life Lately

February was a little harder than I had anticipated. I went into February with high hopes and happy thoughts but I have ended up being a little hormonal, emotional and just a little quiet. However thus being said I decided to enjoy some quiet home time for the majority of it. 
The last few weeks have included... Fruit loaf toast. Breton men's tees. Daffodils, yellow tulips & hyacinth. Morning sunshine. A whole load of chocolate... by the truck load (I told you-hormones!!!). Nutella porridge with banana.
It has also included re-ordered, delayed H&M orders- baby muslin for friends little girls, marble ceramic trays and such. A new pastel blue Instax camera for adventures. Tea dates with sisters. Caramelatte dates with Sebastian.
Watching the sun set whilst walking out of work towards the bus stops. Endless amounts of Daffodils. Roasted new potatoes. A little Frankie reading. Wedding planning and girly bridesmaid evenings. Tea and biscuits. Ginormous pink berry jumpers over large t shirts to keep warm. A weekend at Mothers to go through/chuck/keep childhood things.
Now March has already been pretty amazing... and I have a couple of amazing little plans for this month so it will get even better. Also it's Springtime... officially, so hello blooms and blossom.


  1. Such lovely photo's! I love this time of year, I really feel like spring is on it's way now and it is cheering me up no end! Have a great week! xx

  2. I've given up a few things for lent, one being caramel lattes. I got addicted....
    I'm close to tears after seeing that picture - it looks so tasty!
    x tink x

  3. Flowers make me happy =]


  4. Such a wonderfully sweet little post! Spring is definitely the very pretties time of year…although i think that i probably say something very similar at the start of each new season…aherm. Here's to a month of blossom, blooms and blue skies to keep us all happy xxxx

  5. I love reading these little update posts of yours!

    Your photography is always so lovely!

    Jess // Jess Who

  6. These are my favourite posts! February was a pretty crappy month for me so I'm so happy March is bringing Spring and warmer weather back into our lives!

  7. I have never been hormonal before and so I've never experienced this weird quiet, brooding-ness. This month though(!) It's freaking me out! Why do we women have this?! How do we stop it? Why isn't there a cure!? I'm sure I'll get used to it, but for now it's a gigantic smack in the face :')


  8. Hi Charlotte, I still read your blog all the time and love your little photos and commentary. :) I hope March is easier on you, darling. xoxo


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