Motivational Monday #22

This quote has hit the nail on the head for me lately. 'My life isn't perfect. But it does have perfect moments'. 
Lately I have experienced some laughable things especially one particular comment and this quote just sums it up for me. I am not perfect, nor is my life but I do have perfect moments and whether others think these moments are perfect is an entirely different story, but those moments are perfect to me, they are for me and I am very happy for those moments.

Sebastian and I fall out, I forget to put the washing on, I put weight on in all the wrong places, I go to sleep way too late... every night, I don't eat enough vegetables. My life is not perfect.
Sebastian and I are silly goofs, I enjoy my chocolate binges, I have fun staying up late watching films and playing games, I enjoy mother's homemade pea and ham soup. My life is filled with Perfect moments.

I am happy and so should you be.

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