Postcard to the Past

I absolutely loved this collaboration with Sykes Cottages. Not only did I get to make an amazing Postcard to the Past, I got to reminisce and fell in all sorts of love and gratefulness about my dear darling family.
Sykes Cottages have a tool to use to create your own Postcard to the Past. Dust off your old holiday snaps and send a little message to you or your loved ones that appear in your chosen snap. I chose this cutie little holiday snap that was taken whilst on holiday in Devon. Mother must have snapped this one whilst we all chilled out with Papa and the laid back sheep! I chose this particular snap because just the other day I was walking to my mother's house from the bus stop and I stumbled upon a field of sheep & cutie little lambs. They all just stared at me whilst I was silently cooing at them.
^^^Spring lambs giving me the eye whilst I casually stroll on by.
^^^I am rocking those stripes and high pony!
As children we went on many holidays to Devon with our parents, those are the best kind of memories I have. Days on the beach burying each other, playing games in our rented cottage garden with our paper parade masks, walks on the moors with pockets of chocolate limes and pit stop ice creams. Pretty amazing.
If you fancy creating a Postcard and write to your seven year old self or your whole family then why not have a go yourself. It's great fun and a lovely little moment of reminiscing is just wonderful.
Oh... and I thought I would throw these snaps in for good measure, because they are just too darn cute not to.
A trip down memory lane is the BEST kind of adventure after all. Wouldn't you agree?!

^^^what proud brother & sister we are (& that teeny little brother of mine now looks SO like my Papa in this snap!)
^^^ballet slippers for shoes & cropped tops is THE only way!!
^^^totally rocking those ps'getti chops little bubba Samuel & Kevan's jumper is pretty darn ace, eh?!

This collaboration has been quite wonderful, let me know if you make your own Postcard to the Past with your childhood snaps... I would love to see them.


  1. So sweet,love the pictures.

  2. This is such a lovely post! I loved summer holidays with my family when I was a child!

  3. Lovely family snaps - I do love a good old nostalgia trip!

  4. This is a cute little idea. Lambs are so cute! And your father seems so proud of you all :) So sweet!


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