TTDLN: The Tea Drinking Little Nephew

A few weeks ago, I had a weekday off for an appointment and a Tea & Cake date with my beautiful sister, Sara and little cutie nephew, Felix in Canterbury.
We were spoiled for choice when it came to cake time as there are so many lovely places to go in this cute little city. We decided on cream teas at Mrs Jones' Kitchen.
I had been before with a friend and I just love it here. It's a big open space and perfect for taking this little man in. I find the smaller tearooms a little pokey for littles as they can be a little fidgetty (this one was kneeling on his chair and toppled over!).
Sara and I had a delicious cream tea each and Felix had a slice of lemon drizzle cake which he thoroughly enjoyed, apparently!
Felix enjoyed a couple of milky teas with us grown ups too which was the cutest thing ever. I think he was loving the tea more than I was! He kept demanding more... which I regret highly due to his constant need to pee and ride the escalators in M&S! Although I think he was doing this on purpose, the little monkey!
I do enjoy a little tea date, especially when it involves cake and this little orange curly haired kiddo. I especially love it when he insists on chasing the pigeons afterwards- this little one is full of chat and full of beans. Super cutie alert.

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**A BIG thanks to Sebastian for the video edits**


*Forever Love*