Who's sitting in my sidebar// March

March has been a lovely month full of natural spring beauty, adventures and mugs of tea. I love to browse blogs and catch up on others take of this wonderful time of year.
I also thought it about time I start chatting to you lovely lot about the few wonderful bloggers sitting in my little sidebar who have taken the time to advertise with me here at TTDER.

Meg: dreamer, explorer, equestrian. 
This blog is just a little charmer. It is full of yummy recipes, pretty adventures, gorgeous photography and true love.

So I started reading her blog from the beginning, this girl had me intrigued. I absolutely loved her early posts about her Kentish adventures and it made me feel all cosy to know that I'm not the only one who is in love with this dear old county. Meg is currently living in her hometown in America with her British Husband and they dream about the future, bake delicious treats, ride horses and take her family pup, Sage, for long walks.
Favourite posts: Java chip muffins, (-because how good do these look!?) & Canterbury (-because it's my favourite little city).

Abigail: A country girl living in the city, daydreamer, lover of stories.
This blog is a fairly recent favourite of mine. It is filled with London adventure, trips down memory lane with chunks of forgotten history and tips, recipes & DIY.

Abigail's blog, Snug is everything that the title represents- warm cosy Autumnal recipes, wrapping up warm in posts about woodland walks in the snow, and the site just generally has that snuggly feeling. Abigail lives in a little cabin in London with her boyfriend and cat-- See, it even SOUNDS cosy and snug! But often wanders back to her home town of Norfolk for home comforts and woodland trails. The blog itself is a pretty place with lovely photographs and ditsy illustrated woodland florals dotted around. It's a cutie!
Favourite posts: Why you should plan your next trip to Warsaw (-because I love a good travel post!) & 5 tips to keep headaches at bay (-because I often suffer with headaches/migraines).

Alys: A city, but occasionally country, girl with a love of reading books.
This blog is everything a book lover dreams of. It is full of book reviews, recommendations and book quotes.

I love a good book now and then, but it has taken me all year to finish one book. I probably should just give up and start a new one.
Anyway, Alys' writes detailed reviews of books she's read and makes you feel like you should put the phone down, the laptop away and pop your shoes on for a trip to the library!
From a young age Alys was always found in the corner of the room tucked in a chair with her nose in a good book. She currently resides in Australia with her husband and kitty called Rory. She ponders literature, hosts a book club and generally just loves to talk about reading. I feel inspired!
Favourite posts: Literary Ink (-because who doesn't love a story themed tattoo?!) & Top Seven: Fictional women to share (-because I love Hermione Granger & Sara Crewe and the stories they belong to!).

I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do. 
If you fancy seeing yourself here on TTDER and advertising with me then feel free to make a cuppa and browse my Advertising packages here. I'd love to include you here in this little space on the internet.


  1. yay i really like when other bloggers do recent reads posts because i can discover new people i hadn't stumbled across before! :D

    Natalie / Salt & Sail

  2. I'm so glad you enjoy my blog :) I really am happy to talk about books to everyone (and anyone) and I know the husband and cat are glad I have the blog as an outlet.

    If I were you I would definitely try a new book. If I get stuck on a book it can turn me off the whole reading concept. Pick something that I like to call "the sorbet of books" which is just a massive palette cleanser to get you back into books - when I get in a rut I often pull out some chicklit, its trashy yes but its easy to read and entertaining and that gets me back in the mood to read. Happy reading!!!

  3. I am very much looking forward to reading through these blogs, I've got a hot chocolate so I'm all ready to go! Hope you've had a great weekend! Katie x

  4. What a wonderful description - you put it better than I ever could!
    So glad to have you following along with my posts :)
    Hope you're having the most wonderful weekend!


*Forever Love*