Easter weekend

How were your Easter weekends? Mine was extremely relaxed (thank goodness!) and full of delicious treats... the thought of work tomorrow slightly scares me!
I absolutely love the four day weekend at Easter- but it's sad to admit that Easter for me isn't as exciting as it was as a child. A proper family dinner, little egg hunts and watching The Sound of Music. It really wasn't the same this year. I cannot wait to have a family of my own and start traditions.
On Friday my sister and I went out for lunch with my nephews and we spent the whole afternoon playing Uno and Yahtzee. It was such great fun. We had cake and juice and laughed our way through the afternoon along with high fives, yelling and whooping! It was the best time in a long while. I didn't want them to go.
Saturday was rainy and grey so it was necessary for me to wear my bright yellow mac for strolls around with Sebastian. We hopped on a train with leftover cake in hand to Maidstone where we picked up our beautiful wedding rings. After what seemed like a miserable morning we cheered ourselves up with a Bills for a healthy lunch. I had a green smoothie (with ALOT of spinach!) and the Risotto... which was also green. How healthy am I?! Oh and yes, if it's green- IT DOES mean it's healthy!
On Sunday we had the longest lay in. We lounged around in our pyjamas, had fried eggs and nibbled chocolate speckled eggs whilst sipping tea. We also played with the egg and spoon race kit my father in law got me! I love silly afternoons like this with Sebastian, they are the best. We watched Despicable me, ate healthy soup and soft bread and I waited for Poldark.
Today I had planned to stay in my pyjamas and not even wash my hair let alone put make up on... well I had to. Sadface.
I had to nip out for toothpaste and carrots. Which would be fine, I could just slap a little mascara on I hear you say! Well, I had to go get my Passport snaps done, again. I got them done on Saturday but I actually hate them and the thought of having that snap for ten years freaked me out too much! So I had no choice to put my full face on and run into town.
It was actually beautiful today so I didn't mind so much. I got everything I needed and hopped straight into my pyjamas, ate carrot and humous and watched Disney films all afternoon (Maleficent-my favourite, & Aladdin). I also ate ALOT of chocolate and tiny hot cross buns.
What did you get up to? Are you full from all the chocolate too?! (she asks whilst tying to stretch because her stomach hurts too much!). Tell me about your weekends!


  1. God, the dreaded passport photo. One thing you really don't want to end up doing on bank holiday! Mine's dreadful, I didn't even think about having to have it for 10 years, I wish I was as forward thinking as you! I also love Maleficent, and yes - I have eaten my body weight in chocolate! xx
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  2. I've always been too scared to order the green smoothie at Bills - is it tasty? The chocolatey treats are looking much more so, I have to admit :) xx

  3. It sounds like the perfect bank holiday weekend! Unfortunately for me it was a generic weekend, because we didn't really do much for Easter and I worked friday and today. But I still had a good weekend :)

    Cat x
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  4. I had a sleepover with some friends this weekend! I managed to catch a cold, which is unfortunate, but at least the weather is finally clearing up and starting to feel like spring. I just hope that I recover soon so that I can enjoy it before it starts getting too hot! Happy belated Easter :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. Love this post and the foody pictures =]

  6. Looks like you had the nicest Easter weekend! I love having 4 days off its such a treat but going back to work today will be a struggle! Xx

  7. Sounds like a fairly decent Easter weekend you had :)
    Ughhh, the passport photo is such a dreaded thought, especially when you're trying to have some relaxed time to yourself, but it's definitely better than being stuck with one you hate for ten years!

    Love your blog by the way, your photos are always so pretty and detailed. xx

  8. I have been feeling exactly the same about Easter the past few years, it just isn't the same as when you're a kid! But this year I'm in Germany, and the Germans really know how to mark the occasion, children or not! They hang painted eggs in the trees and put up little decorations (a bit like Christmas), eat lots of chocolate and have special dinners much like we do, but the best thing is that they have Easter brunches, and it doesn't have to be just one! The Germans have a real love for breakfast and brunch, which suits me down to a tee, so I think I'll be stealing these traditions to take back to the UK with me :)


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