Five Happy Things

This week started off being quite hectic and a little stressful. But by the end of the week it was completely different. So much has happened, been completed and I feel like I am in a really good place in my life right now.

1.  April. Well we're the second week into April and it's already my favourite month! The blossom is in full bloom with petals falling gently upon my whispy hair. The sun is shining and it's full of happiness.

2.  Bridal shower. We have finally arranged the Bridal shower! We have booked the Eurostar tickets and apartments- Paris here we come! At the end of May myself and nine of my favourites are going to have tea at Laduree, nibble macarons and admire the twinkly tower for a couple of days.

3.  Long weekends. I have five days off. On Friday I had my friend's hen do to attend. We had massages and sat in a relaxation room sipping tea followed by a huge dinner. Monday has been planned for adventures and Tuesday is my birthday! Sebastian has planned something for Tuesday, a surprise. I cannot wait.

4.  Guilty pleasures. There are a few things that (secretly) have my heart this week. The Bachelor- how ridiculous is this show? But I can't stop watching it. I've also been listening to Kisstory this week and am loving a little reminiscing. It also makes me feel a little old... well I am turning 28 after all!

5.  Cinderella. "Have courage and be kind". This live action version of the fairytale film is just stunning, yes a little cheesy at times but who doesn't love a little magic, romance and happiness?! It was such a lovely, well put together film. Even if I did shed a tear or two at times.


  1. How exciting to be going to Paris for your bridal shower! I love a bit of kisstory, it's my go to radio station if I'm listening online/through the TV.

    Happy birthday for Tuesday!

    Debbie x

  2. Oh yes, the glorious Spring weather is giving me life right now :D And the idea for the bridal shower sounds amazing :)

  3. I am literally obsessed with blossom at the moment.
    It's so pretty and I can't stop taking photos of it
    x Tink Jayne x

  4. Love this post =] you write so beautifully

  5. What lovely things you've been up to this week! Your bridal shower will be incredible and I totally agree about April being the best month! My birthday was on Saturday and we had such amazing weather - so thankful for the last of April showers so far!

    Alice xx


*Forever Love*