Five Happy Things

Wow this week was a very exciting one. I turned 28, the sun came out, I went to the theatre, ate lovely food, work was a little crazy (and I was only there for three days!). It was a good one.
1.  Long walks. Monday's exploring with my bestest Suz was so lovely and just what I needed to blow away the cobwebs and breathe in the fresh air... and manure! We spied lambs and found treasure. We talked life and love. It was just what I needed after a few sleepless nights.

2.  Eating healthy. I used to spend my lunch sipping cola and my evenings nibbling chocolate. I haven't done that for a while and I am surprisingly enjoying more bananas, more fresh juice drinks, more carrots, more soup, more water and more vegetables. Don't get me wrong- I'm not completely eating green... but I am eating more than I did.

3.  Long phone chats. Oh how I have missed those long phone conversations with my best Alix. Now I have my new passport I so want to hop on a plane to see her... but soon. The chat was needed and we spoke of happiness, our futures and made exciting plans.

4.  Lazy mornings. Yesterday Sebastian got up early to work (shooting a Wedding video) and I got up much later, stayed in my pyjamas until midday and called my sister to come over to play. We then later went for a wee browse around the shops, ate a Wagamama and watched a girly film.

5.  Venue visit. Today Sebastian and I went to visit our beautiful wedding venue with mother. It is always so exciting to go back and see our wedding gradually come together and finalise plans, order of the day and logistics. I cannot wait. It really will be such a magical day. 83 days to go.


  1. Love this post =] I love long walks too, i like taking my camera with me in case i see something pretty.

  2. I love all of these, clearly walking in the sunshine is infectious as it has been inspiring me also! Not long until the big day now, very exciting!! Xx

  3. I Skyped with my friends from high school this weekend for the first time in forever! We're all freshmen in college about to finish our first year :) so it's a really stressful but exciting time! Anyways, happy belated birthday :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. I love lazy mornings. After getting up early for work at the weekends it's so nice not having to worry about getting up :D xx

  5. There's something that makes eating healthier so much easier when it gets sunny! Sounds liek you'd had a lovely week and I'm also loving the Spring, lazy pj mornings and catch ups with friends! :) xx


*Forever Love*