Life Lately

Life Lately has been filled with lovely sleeps and sleepless nights. Peaceful dreams and horrible nightmares. Porridge breakfasts and buttery toast brunches. Cups of tea and mugs of lattes. Black t shirts and dotty socks. Early mornings and late lay-ins.
Coffee dates with Sebastian and tea dates with friends. London adventures and lamb spotting. Tulip buying and daffodil displays. Homemade cake and seasalted chocolate. One day diets and all the water. Cheese & biscuit girl dates and late night reading. Carrot & humous lunches and soup dinners. Feeling on cloud nine and feeling like a grey cloud.
New make up and eyeliner-free work days. Linen t shirt favourites and pyjama days. Sister in law roast dinners and sharing brother's old-fashioned sweets. Margate dreaming and future planning. Early nights and late night film snuggles. Creating a Wedding playlist and choosing marriage ceremony options. Black blouses and nude/pink lipstick. Cold noses and warm hands. Adventure planning and invitation writing. Feeling happy and feeling discontent. Letter writing and blog post scheduling. Messy hair and fresh faces. Being disappointed and laughing until my sides hurt.


  1. Sounds like lots of ups but also a lots of downs in your lifely. That black blouse with the white detail is so pretty xx

    Ioanna |

  2. I do love your sweet little blog dear Charlotte. There is often no middle ground in life with me either - i am forever black or white and never ever grey - so to speak.

    Sending love xxxxx

  3. Never a dull moment in your life, huh? I hope the UPs are always more frequent than the downs! Keep your chin up! :)

  4. I could really relate to this post, life has felt like a double edged sword to me too lately xx


*Forever Love*